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For more than 30 years, she's been telling stories - funny, serious, pointed stories for marketing and advertising purposes, to raise grant money for nonprofits, to promote tourism and to make people laugh.

Grammar, punctuation, spelling are not negotiable - they must be correct. Deadlines are motivating; she can stay on task and push until the job is done.


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Industry Projects

  • Humor10+
  • Non Profit5
  • Entertainment4

Summary of Industry Experience


She's the editor of and writer for a monthly humor newsletter. She not only coordinates dozens of contributors, advertisers and artists, but also writes a column titled Green Thumbs Up — a reflection on gardening.

Non Profit

She has written and produced grant requests and spearheaded a 1.5 million successful capital campaign for a children's theater. She researched and wrote educational materials for a science-based organization protecting an endangered species. She participated in two medical missions in Nicaragua, creating marketing and funding materials to support the missions.


She's interviewed local entertainers for regional publications. She's written researched and written about the local history of the region in which she lives for a regional tourism campaign, as well as produced book and restaurant reviews geared toward the tourist audience.

Product Projects

  • Press Release20+
  • Blog Post7
  • Facebook Post1

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

She's written releases for a variety of nonprofits from the Master Gardeners to the food bank to a children's theater to an endangered species organization.. As a resident of an agricultural-based community, she's researched and written about the latest trends in food packaging, sustainable farming, the wind industry and seed development.

Blog Post

She was lead content writer on a team that launched a regional branding campaign for the Central Coast of California that identified and compiled information on three counties.

Facebook Post

As part of a team that launched a regional branding tourism campaign, she researched and wrote posts that showcased local historical facts, places to see and things to do.

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