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Doreen M
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Joined 9/22/2010
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For nearly three decades, Doreen has offered expertly sourced articles on a variety of topics. Like most freelance writers, Doreen has specific niches where she performs best.

Doreen's best work is when she takes on topics about legal, business and financial markets. This is where her strengths lie. Doreen's schooling, and most of her writing is in these fields so it makes sense this is where her strongest work comes from.

Legal: Doreen has written thousands of pages of legal content. Her portfolio includes legal blog posts, website content and newsletter content. Doreen has a unique ability to capture the most recent changes in law ensuring the information put on your website or blog is accurate and up-to-date. Since Doreen is a Paralegal she has a comprehensive understanding of the legal ramifications of law-related website and blog content.

Doreen was previously an active writer for Internet Brands, and during that time honed her legal writing skills. Thanks to Internet Brands and her willingness to learn, she learned how to manage SEO content for legal websites. Doreen's legal clients trust her to provide high quality work, often sending her orders to completely revamp a website.

Financial: Doreen M spent two decades in the financial services industry. During that time she processed residential mortgages, accounts receivable financing, commercial mortgages and preparation of business plans. In addition, she spent more than five years working in the offshore accounting division of a large mutual fund company where she had the ability to expand her extensive knowledge of the stock market.

Business: If you are looking for business articles focused on self-employment, work at home issues, business law issues or HR issues, Doreen is the right candidate. Doreen has written extensively about and for small and medium sized businesses and has a firm understanding of the issues they face.

Doreen provides content that is easily digestible. She has a solid understanding of how to break down complicated financial, legal and business terms in order to be more "user friendly" for the average Internet reader.
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