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For nearly three decades, Doreen has offered expertly sourced articles on a variety of topics. Like most freelance writers, Doreen has specific niches where she performs best.

Doreen's best work is when she takes on topics about legal, business and financial markets. This is where her strengths lie. Doreen's schooling, and most of her writing is in these fields so it makes sense this is where her strongest work comes from.

Legal: Doreen has written thousands of pages of legal content. Her portfolio includes legal blog posts, website content and newsletter content. Doreen has a unique ability to capture the most recent changes in law ensuring the information put on your website or blog is accurate and up-to-date. Since Doreen is a Paralegal she has a comprehensive understanding of the legal ramifications of law-related website and blog content.

Doreen was previously an active writer for Internet Brands, and during that time honed her legal writing skills. Thanks to Internet Brands and her willingness to learn, she learned how to manage SEO content for legal websites. Doreen's legal clients trust her to provide high quality work, often sending her orders to completely revamp a website.

Financial: Doreen M spent two decades in the financial services industry. During that time she processed residential mortgages, accounts receivable financing, commercial mortgages and preparation of business plans. In addition, she spent more than five years working in the offshore accounting division of a large mutual fund company where she had the ability to expand her extensive knowledge of the stock market.

Business: If you are looking for business articles focused on self-employment, work at home issues, business law issues or HR issues, Doreen is the right candidate. Doreen has written extensively about and for small and medium sized businesses and has a firm understanding of the issues they face.

Doreen provides content that is easily digestible. She has a solid understanding of how to break down complicated financial, legal and business terms in order to be more "user friendly" for the average Internet reader.
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Doreen offers work in a very narrow field. Specifically you can count on Doreen for some of the following content:

Legal Content - small to extra large blog posts, articles which can be shared in newsletters or magazines, and website content. Combining her knowledge of law, expert research skills and unique ability to write content which is geared towards your clients you will never be unhappy with the content provided.

Financial Content - thanks to decades in financial services, Doreen has a well-rounded knowledge of factoring, business plans, succession plans, and home and commercial financing. She is always on the lookout for changes in the housing and stock market making her the go-to person when you need financial blogs or articles.

Whether you need articles, blog posts, or a complete rewrite of your website, you can count on Doreen to be diligent and thorough in providing you what you want. She is not good at writing "fluff" so if you are looking for "filler text" you want to use another writer. If you want factual information written for the everyday person, then work with Doreen M.

Please be aware there are some topics Doreen will not take on. These include:

Multi-Level Marketing

Doreen also has extensive experience writing curriculum for adults. This is a talent she has honed over two decades as a Lions Clubs International volunteer. She has had extensive training in "adult training methods" via a Train the Trainer program which is helpful when designing training materials for adult learners.

Like very writer, Doreen has her weak points. Press Releases and Video scripts are not her strong points -- for these, you will be much happier with another writer.


Doreen is passionate about her freelance writing. When not busy trying to meet the needs of her clients Doreen is a committed volunteer.

Doreen was a volunteer with the local Boy Scouts chapter for more than 10 years where she served as Regional Secretary.

She has been serving as a volunteer with Lions Clubs International for more than 25 years, served on the Board of Directors for National Braille Press and served as a presenter for the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) to promote volunteerism to high school students.

Today, Doreen continues as an active volunteer with her local Lions Club where she has been a member for nearly 25 years.

Her commitment to literacy and to Lions Clubs International has been further solidified since her diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa which has rendered her legally blind. T

Doreen continues to work full-time, volunteer when asked and continues to live an extremely independent life in spite of her vision challenges.


Dean College

Doreen pursued her certificate in an effort to pursue a position in the Offshore Accounting Division at Putnam Investments. Once she had secured her certificate she was promoted to a work-at-home position where she maintained the transactions for Japan-based mutual funds. She maintained a 3.9 GPA (out of 4) at Dean College in spite of working full time and having children at home to care for.

Hadley School for the Blind

Doreen was able to complete a correspondence course through Hadley School for the Blind that encompassed all aspects of Business Law including financing, litigation and succession planning. She completed the course with high honors.

George Mason University

Doreen successfully completed a time-intensive Paralegal Course that included honing her legal research skills and learning more about the various court systems. She was one person in a class of more than 700 who took the course online. While the classes were self-directed, the course was only 12 week and involved approximately 20 hours per week of study and course work time.


4,507 Projects Completed

Doreen has written legal articles, blog posts and websites. Doreen M discovered that she has a particular affinity for writing about criminal law; in particular how a defendants civil rights are impacted after a guilty finding.

Over the last several years, she has submitted and had accepted primarily legal articles on various sites including Writer Access and the now-defunct Internet Brands. Doreen also maintains a personal blog where readers can find legal topics focusing on making the law easy to understand for everyday people -- this is important if you wish to have potential clients staying on your website. In addition, Doreen M has provided content for many attorney websites including sole practitioners, multiple partner firms and large firms. She understands the necessity of writing for the everyday person who may be facing legal challenges.

Doreen M put her money where her mouth was: Understanding how competitive the writing field was and because she had a particular interest in legal writing, Doreen completed her Paralegal certificate in 2015. This has provided her with an entirely different perspective on legal advertising, helped her hone her knowledge of the specific lingo associated with legal writing and helped her fine-tune her already superior research skills.

Doreen has written numerous legal topics including:

Personal injury law - including statutes of limitations, "one-bite rules" and medical malpractice
Business law - from succession planning to preparing business plans
Family law - divorces, child support. restraining orders and contempt of court
Real estate law - community property laws, residential and commercial real estate closings
Trusts and wills - with a particular focus on how these impact retirement accounts


1,196 Projects Completed

Doreen has been providing content for a variety of websites focused on financial topics from financing homes to commercial real estate. Doreen has an extensive financial background which includes:

Sales Assistant - Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. - created mailing lists, drafted letters to potential clients and handled a variety of telephone calls from clients. In addition, Doreen was responsible for creating letters to send to potential clients to encourage them to contact the various stock brokers whom she reported to.

Retirement Accounts Specialist - Putnam Investments Retirement Division - as an account specialist, Doreen was responsible for ensuring all the legal requirements necessary to liquidate IRA accounts were met. The legal requirements for retirement accounts can be very complex; particularly when there is a trust or a deceased spouse listed as the beneficiary. Doreen understands how to break down complicated legalese into language that the ordinary person can relate to and help them understand the importance of financial planning.

Commercial Loan Specialist - Stanton & Associates - as part of this process Doreen was responsible for drafting business plans, securing information necessary for underwriters and putting packages before various funding agencies for approval. In this role, Doreen developed a solid understanding of business plans, commercial underwriting requirements and how important it is to ensure venture capital companies, private lenders and banks have the information they need to make informed decisions. Doreen was involved in loans for commercial properties, planned unit developments (PUDS) and even a few movies.

Residential Loan Specialist - New England Merchants Corporation - Doreen completed the FNMA First Time Home Buyer's Training program to allow her to teach first-time buyers what they needed to know about obtaining a first time loan. In addition, as she progressed, Doreen was promoted to VP of Compliance within the company handling all of the necessary audit functions through the MA Commission on Banking. Doreen has an extensive knowledge of residential loan requirements as well as FNMA and FMAC rules that apply to financing. Doreen also has a complete grasp on more complicated issues such has HUD rehab loans and VA loans. If you need someone to explain residential financing to a potential client base, you need not look any further.


451 Projects Completed

In addition to writing hundreds of career-based titles, Doreen previously served as a site steward for the now-defunct Helium writer driven content site. During this time, she was tasked with editing thousands of titles submitted by other writers. Part of the tasks included fixing typographical and grammatical errors as well as fact-checking articles that were submitted.

Doreen focuses on broad topics including:

Resume preparation - hints and tips for effective resumes
Job interview preparation - common sense tips for making a good first impression
Online job pursuits - avoiding scams, effective proposals


363 Projects Completed

Doreen M has written countless articles covering small business issues including seeking financing, writing business plans and about HR issues. As a small business owner she is also very aware of some of the pitfalls associated with hiring contractors, maintaining websites and social media marketing needs for business. Some of the topics she covers include:

How to prepare a business plan
How to prepare a solid social media marketing plan
How to prepare effective contracts for contractors

Non Profit

75 Projects Completed

Doreen has been an active and involved volunteer for many years. In addition to writing a number of articles on managing volunteers, fundraising and leadership. Doreen served on the Board of Directors of National Braille Press, District 33K Lions Eyemobile, Inc. and Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund Inc.

Doreen's other volunteer work included serving as District 33K Lions Leadership Chairperson, Vice District and District Governor as well as most Lions Club leadership positions. Doreen has been an avid and active volunteer for more than 25 years.

Doreen has prepared numerous grant proposals over the years and keeps up to date on various grant program restrictions. She has also prepared a number of articles and training materials needed for volunteers.

As a former Leadership Chairperson, Doreen was responsible for training future leaders of Lions Clubs as well as District and Multiple District Lions leaders.

Blog Post

1,571 Projects Completed

In addition to maintaining a blog that offers tips for those who work as freelance writers, Doreen has also recently started a blog that warns those who are seeking work at home employment of prevalent scams.

She has also contributed to the law blog of Rizio & Nelson, a California law firm as well as other legal and financial blogs.


1,564 Projects Completed

Doreen has worked for a number of sites that contract for freelance writers. In addition, she has an extensive portfolio of work that includes business titles, jobs and careers titles and legal titles. During the time she has been contributing to online sites, she has maintained a steadily growing base of articles on evergreen topics that continue to appeal to readers.

Web Page

1,341 Projects Completed

In addition to providing content and layouts for several Lions Clubs websites, Doreen has also been involved in providing keyword rich content for several small businesses. These pages are designed to inform clients of the services that a company offers.

Job description: Website Content Editor

Feedback: "Doreen has been a terrific provider. She exceeds my expectation both by her professionalism in work and her friendliness.I would recommend her to anyone!-Jimmy Tanzil, Ichthys Media LLC"

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