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David has worked in the Information Technology Industry for two decades. Fifteen years of that time were spent doing consulting in a wide range of industries building web stacks and robust application architectures. David has watched the Cloud and the World Wide Web grow from their infancy, and now spends every day entrenched in those worlds.

For the last five years, David has been enjoying writing blog posts, articles, and white papers. Most of his work can be found on his client's blogs and sales portals. When time allows, David continues to create technical articles for his blog Random Javascript, at www.randomjavascript.com.

David is passionate about research and is an avid news junkie. When not engaged in programming or writing, he is going down the many rabbit holes that pepper the web. No day is comp?lete without surfing through his Feedly news aggregator and reading articles that grab his interest.


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Industry Projects

  • Web Development10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Web Development

David has been developing web applications of various sizes in different industries for over two decades. His work has involved using Javascript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Amazon Web Services, and various Javascript frameworks. Within the last five years, David began writin?g technical blog posts and white papers for several customers. His work started on his blog, http://www.randomjavascript.com.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

David has been creating technical blog posts for his blog and customers since 2011. His work in this asset type is varied. His pieces have ranged from posts for casual reader?s to deep technical articles for experts. He is also involved in creating non-attributed content for customers. He has been performing this work for over a year.

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