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A freelance writer and content strategist for the last eight years, Alexandra is a highly skilled writer, editor, proofreader and researcher. From an educational background based in English literature and poetry, she brings a deep understanding of the artistic use of language at its most basic level. Experience in overcoming research obstacles such as language, censorship and bureaucracies, has prepared her to tackle any inquiry with creativity and depth. Drawing on a breadth of personal and professional experience, she uses original thinking to apply these skills to produce and write creative, corporate and technical materials. When editing, her attention to detail combined with a quick grasp of overall coherency allows her to respect the author’s voice and intention while steering a work toward its best possible form.

She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the New School as well as a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Dartmouth College. She has been honored to have been awarded a Fulbright Research Grant in creative writing.

Alexandra has a unique talent for understanding a client's needs and creating the perfect voice for the intended audience. Whether she is editing a technical manual or creating copy for a niche blog, she takes great pride in producing work of the highest caliber that will most effectively reach the target audience.

Accomplishments and expertise Includes:

• Create strategies to maximize readership and SEO, focused on front end, but also accounting for back end.

• Wrote successful proposal for the highly competitive Fulbright Grant in creative writing in Spanish and English that needed to be concise and interest a wide audience from a variety of disciplines and cultures.

• Consult on strategy, critique existing materials, develop and write copy for newsletters, brochures, sales letters, direct mail, print advertising, presentations, corporate, product sheets, mailers, press releases, case studies, comparables, contracts, advertorials and email newsletters.

• Fluent in adapting traditional media to the ever changing landscape of social and web media in order to maximize exposure and sales and create a coherent story for marketing and branding campaigns.

• Developed and managed creative content in both digital and physical publication from inception through dissemination (conception, prep, layout, writing, proofing, editing, assembling, distribution).

• Created targeted ad copy tailored to specific audiences to successfully generate results.
Blog Post
Real Estate


Alexandra specializes in the development and writing of copy for:

•blog posts
•social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest)
•newsletters (email and print)
•sales letters
•direct mail
•white papers
•grant proposals
•academic and educational materials
•print advertising
•digital advertising
•product sheets
•product reviews
•product descriptions
•press releases
•case studies

She has vast experience writing about real estate as well as writing, editing and directing content strategy for hyper-local platforms. Past writing topics have included writing about local history, technology, music, events, fashion, food, chemistry, education and technology.


Living in New York City for over a decade, more specifically in the borough of Brooklyn, Alexandra has loved the feeling of being in the center of it all. An ideal weekend might include an opera at the Met or an art exhibit at MoMA one day and catching a football game and local craft beer at a neighborhood pub on the next.

Still very much a country girl at heart, when too much time goes by without a trip upstate or back to her old New England stomping grounds for a hike in the mountains or a swim in the ocean, she finds other ways to add some nature to life in the city. Between keeping a garden on her fire escape, home cooked meals sourced from the farmers' markets, and walks in the park, she finds plenty of ways to escape the urban jungle. And she finds even more ways to embrace it, as she loves discovering new neighborhoods, reading about obscure local histories, trying both the newest restaurants and old favorites, and who doesn't love some cotton candy and a stroll along the Coney Island boardwalk during any month of the year?

An avid reader and moviegoer, her ultimate guilty pleasure is murder mysteries. She loves them equally in the form of novels and mini-series, but for reasons she cannot explain, murder is just so much better with a British accent. There aren't many Agatha Christie books she hasn't read nor BBC crime series she hasn't seen. Her least guilty pleasure is her yoga and meditation practice.


Dartmouth College

The New School

Real Estate

658 Projects Completed

Having been a real estate agent for a decade in one of the nation's most popular and competitive markets, Alexandra is expert on how the real estate market functions on every level and from every perspective. By combining this expertise with her unsurpassed writing skills and ability to craft a wide range of voice and style, she is the top choice for creating content and editing materials related to the real estate industry.


375 Projects Completed

An adept marketer, Alexandra has worked with many businesses to build a content strategy. She brings that experience with her in her extensive top-quality writing about marketing, that includes writing many WriterAccess blog posts that are guides for marketing for a wide variety of industries, including insurance, finance, travel and real estate.


125 Projects Completed

With a wide array of experience throughout the medical field, from hospital guides to highly-detailed pieces about HIPAA compliance in the digital age, Alexandra is a top writer about all things medical. While Alexandra specializes in the intersection between both marketing and technology with the medical industry, she is the writer of choice whether you are looking for someone to boost local content with SEO or need an in-depth look at a specific medical condition.


50 Projects Completed

From in-depth guides for expats to overall analysis of marketing for the travel industry, Alexandra is adept at writing on topics that span the globe.

Blog Post

347 Projects Completed

Alexandra has vast experience researching and writing blog posts on a vast assortment of topics. She has particular experience writing for hyper-local platforms and on specific topics aimed at a niche audience. Additionally she has a great deal of experience editing other blog posts, including on topics with which she has no familiarity.

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