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Started writing stories at age 5 and hasn't stopped.


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Only experience so far is keeping a personal travel blog, updated regularly during her study abroad time from January to June of 2014 in and around Oxford, England. Blog posts were humorous and conversational observations and comparisons of American culture to English culture. She has been to Ontario, Canada; southern England, Switzerland, Austria, northern Germany, and the Netherlands.


'Other' being 'History', she majored in History at the College of Charleston and graduated with a B.A. in the subject. Some special areas of focus include: British history from ancient times to the late 1940s; both World Wars; and race relations in the Americas beginning with the age of exploration and the Columbian exchange.

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She kept a personal blog while studying abroad in England. It was updated regularly and dealt with differing societal norms and culture, experiences (usually humorous) gained while traveling, and personal photography. The purpose of the blog was to keep friends and family in the loop while living across the Atlantic Ocean.


Currently working on first fiction novel. It is set in New Orleans, Louisiana in the year 1926. Aiming for 300+ pages--currently at 150. Characters are original, yet they are placed in historical situations where they can come in contact with real historical figures. Lots of historical research has come into play for the sake of this personal project.

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