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Jami currently works as a registrar at a local private college, while doing freelance copywriting on a variety of subjects, and blogging about mental health and recovery. She spends most of her free time working on writing assignments for marketing companies, so subject matter is varied and diverse. Jami's passion lies within the mental health realm, and she currently writes for a mental health website as well as her own personal blog about recovery. Jami has incorporated her love of writing into her day job as a registrar by establishing a monthly newsletter for faculty and staff.


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Industry Projects

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  • Health20+
  • Legal10+
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Summary of Industry Experience


Jami writes for several ecommerce business blogs about everything from becoming an online seller, multichannel selling, inventory management, and niche selling, to best practices, strategies and tips for online businesses. Her blogs consistently increase traffic to clients' websites.


Jami is currently a paid blogger for a mental health website where she writes specifically about posttraumatic stress disorder. The blog requires research, SEO optimization, and information presented in a clear and helpful manner for readers. Jami's blog often receives a high number of views and "likes" and has interaction through comments.


Jami has written numerous articles and blog posts for an internet marketing consulting company for use on the website for a major law firm. Her articles and posts have been used for website landing pages and for informational pages regarding specific areas of the law. Research is almost always required and special attention is paid to SEO optimization.

Self Help

Jami has been writing a personal blog for just under three years. The focus of the blog is Jami's personal musings on life in recovery and all that goes along with it. This writing is more informal and familiar and shows Jami's sense of humor and passion for self-awareness. Jami's blog currently has nearly 1000 followers and is read world-wide.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Article20+
  • Newsletter Content10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Jami writes blog posts for her personal website, as a paid blogger for a mental health website, and as a ghost-writer for an internet marketing consulting company. Personal blog posts are informal with a friendly tone, while paid posts are more formal, with a tone of expertise and knowledge. Jami writes all of her blog posts with the specific audience in mind, and is able to adjust her written "voice" accordingly.


Jami has written many articles specific to marketing, utilizing SEO optimization, as well as a means to inform readers about particular subjects. The tone of such articles is often explanatory in nature, and usually offers tips or suggestions on how to proceed in certain situations. Article subjects are diverse and typically require research.

Newsletter Content

Jami writes and edits the newsletter for the private college for which she works. There are submissions from other employees, but the vast majority of the newsletter content, as well as the layout is done by Jami. The newsletter is read by nearly 100 coworkers (faculty and staff) and is received with positive feedback every month.

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