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William is a communications consultant and writer with experience in connecting advocates and organizations with their target audiences. He consults at the CEO level and creates bylined content including newspaper op-eds, blog posts, email blasts, speeches and media statements. He offers clients who need to be part of breaking news cycles a same-day turnaround on content such as op-eds and blog posts. He "ghostblogs" for clients at The Huffington Post and has written op-eds that have appeared in national newspapers, trade publications, popular magazines and leading websites. William is skilled at finding the "responsive chord" that translates the written word into persuasive action; motivating the reader to support a position, buy a product, take an initiative, vote for a candidate or commit their own valuable time and energy. His clients have included elected officials, pharmaceutical CEOs, business leaders, presidents of national membership organizations and trade associations, etc.


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Summary of Industry Experience


William writes press releases, media statements,op-eds, website text, blog copy, letters to the editor, etc. for elected officials, candidates, and opinion-leaders seeking to influence national and regional debates. He is skilled at finding the "responsive chord" that motivates members of the public to support an issue and commit their own time and resources on behalf of a position or organization.


As a consultant to the National Organization for Women (NOW), William writes the Huffington Post blog for NOW President Terry O'Neill. He also writes media statements, press releases, website copy, magazine op-eds and other communications.

Non Profit

William advises leaders of major non-profits, membership organizations and environmental groups seeking to influence vital national debates. He writes media advisories, newsletter copy, membership material, annual reports, op-eds, website copy, fundraising letters and other material designed to strengthen organizations.

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Summary of Product Experience

Direct Mail

William has more than 20 years of experience as a writer and creative director for direct mail campaigns for major national non-profits, membership organizations, environmental groups, political entities and other mailers. His clients have included Greenpeace, Hadassah, Global Communities, the Democratic National Committee, Rails to Trails, the League of Conservation Voters and many others.

Blog Post

William writes blog posts for CEOs and other leaders of national organizations seeking to influence public debate. His work has appeared on the Huffington Post, the Health Care blog, Homeland Security Today, Cnn.com, and numerous others.


William writes speeches for opinion leaders, CEOs and newsmakers. He is skilled at finding personal anecdotes and stories that can anchor an effective speech, either by speaking to the speechmaker directly, or when this is not feasible, finding available background information, news stories, etc. that can provide useful material.

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