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Jeff D. has an extensive technical background, starting with degrees in Physics and Materials Science from Princeton and Stanford Universities. His career began with engineering roles in the semiconductor industry, but that veered toward marketing when the sales teams discovered a technical person with an ability to write! He was called on to write and edit proposals and reports for government-funded R&D programs, and he quickly became the “go-to” writer and editor for papers, marketing materials, website content, press releases, and even SEC filings.

A turning point in Jeff’s career came when he worked for the technical trade press as a senior technical editor and then editor-in-chief of publications covering the electronics industry. Here he honed his writing, editing, and story development skills at the highest professional levels, culminating in a National Gold Medal from the American Society of Business Publication Editors. In his current role, he serves as a technology management consultant, and the main task there is ghost-writing papers and presentations for government R&D program managers. He feels fortunate to be able to exercise his writing and communication skills at the very leading edge of technology.

Outside of his day jobs, Jeff has been a free-lance writer and editor of critical documents such as resumes, cover letters, and college application essays. A specialty he has developed is working with people for whom English is a second language. This has been particularly helpful in technical fields such as electronics that are highly international. Two recent highlights on the free-lance front were contributing an article to The Economist’s website and developing a speech for the commencement speaker at the 2015 Wells College graduation.

Jeff is seeking opportunities to continue exercising his combination of a broad and deep technical background with extensive experience tailoring messages for specific audiences.


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Jeff developed the website for a consultant in the human resources field. Specifically, the client was promoting new coaching concepts, so this required new approaches for describing that.

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Summary of Industry Experience


Jeff has ghost-written and edited many technical papers and presentations in the electronics industry. He has also given many live technical presentations himself, so he knows how to tailor materials for live audiences.


Jeff has composed cover letters and edited resumes for dozens of colleagues. He has also edited dozens of college application essays for offspring of colleagues. His most significant project in education was writing the commencement speech for the speaker at the 2015 Wells College graduation.


Jeff has written numerous articles reviewing status and developments in the electronics industry. That has included analysis of financial data, as well as personal insights based on many years of experience in various roles in multiple fields.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience

White Paper

Jeff has written white papers for several clients, typically start-ups in technical fields. This has included clients for whom English is a second language, where crisp writing is especially valuable.


Jeff has written numerous articles, typically in technical fields but for both technical and mainstream audiences. Clients have included electronics start-ups and a human resources consultant.

Web Page

Jeff developed the website for a consultant in the human resources field. Specifically, the client was promoting new coaching concepts, so this required new approaches for describing that.

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