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Trained as a direct response copywriter, Ingrid possesses a relational writing style which literally "speaks" to the reader. Of course, copywriting is designed to move the reader to action, and she has a clear history of writing for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as national and even global faith-based and community-relations organizations. Beyond that, Ingrid C also writes search engine optimized (SEO) articles for newsletters and blogs. Her experience with newsletters extends to both a non-profit organization with national scope as well as a faith-based organization with global presence. (She was the editor of the latter newsletter for 2-1/2 years.)

As a writer, she has a knack for taking in the overall message, then delivering it to the intended reader in a clear, direct yet relational manner. Her clients have appreciated the non-forced approach to SEO as well as her ability to make the words (on paper or online) come across in a manner that seems as if the marketer was actually conversing with them. Thus, she is sought after, again and again, for projects ranging from e-books, ghostwriting, newsletters, direct response marketing copy, business letters, resumes and cover letters.

She is responsible with deadlines and with really making the effort to understand the client's overall needs and goals first.
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While Ingrid C specializes in conversational copy, she can deliver a more formally written piece in accordance to the client's overall goals. She is also very adept at creating search engined optimized articles in which keywords are naturally worked into the piece. This writer's range is limitless, with experience in newsletters, direct response copy, business letters, resumes and cover letters... and any writing which requires you to take a not-so-conventional approach. She is well-versed at getting you noticed on paper.


I love all things related to animals (dogs and horses, especially), relationships, independent restaurants and fashion.


AWAI and Other 4-Year University

This self-professed wordsmith earned her Bachelor's Degree in the field of education. Her reports and communication skills have always been highly regarded by professors, peers, co-workers and friends.


174 Projects Completed

While insurance is viewed by many as a necessary--but far from entertaining--topic, the ability to convey strengths, benefits and considerations in a reader-friendly manner is especially appreciated in this industry. Ingrid's ability to convey factual, keyword rich articles to educate consumers in just this manner is the reason we return to her again and again.


113 Projects Completed

In writing for entertainment blogs and other celebrity gossip outlets, Ingrid does a great job of providing timely, relevant information. Further, her ability to work keyword relevance into the articles in the most natural manner possible makes for entertaining, yet well-optimized articles.


7 Projects Completed

Because relationships run the gamut from romantic encounters to parent/child relations, friendships and the like, writing about relationships must be informative yet entertaining. Ingrid manages to strike a wonderful balance of useful tips and comic relief (which we all need in dealing with difficult relationship challenges. She is about to begin a ghostwriting project on responsible parenting in addition to writing articles which have been published mainly through blogs.

Newsletter Content

50 Projects Completed

Ingrid's ability to communicate a content-rich and consistent message in a conversational tone makes her well sought after for newsletter projects. She has experience writing newsletter content for various organizations (mainly non-profit organizations) in both print and digital formats.


4 Projects Completed

Though ghostwriting involves capturing the thoughts of the author, it takes a lot of listening and comprehending--along with a certain flair--to bring the ideas to life. Ingrid is well-able to handle these types of projects and has, in fact, been asked to ghostwrite a book on responsible parenting.

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