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John has been writing both personally and professionally for over a decade. His primary areas of expertise are in academic, research, and business writing, though he also has experience in writing creative fiction and non-fiction.

As a professor, instructor, and researcher, he has worked with online, archive, and library materials to produce in-depth pieces which inform, persuade, and even entertain. His writing is informed by the experience of evaluating and editing thousands of student papers, articles, dissertations, and monographs both as an instructor and as a freelance editor.

Another area of expertise is business communications, developed both on a freelance basis and as an office administrator for the Princeton Review. In the course of this work, he has been called on to produce memos, executive summaries, training materials, and other everyday business documents.


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John has spent over ten years as a researcher and a writer in higher education. During that time, he has written and published two articles in peer-reviewed journals, a four-hundred-page dissertation, a number of book reviews, and a series of successful grant and narrative statements. In addition to his written work, he has developed substantial expertise in higher education and pedagogy through teaching hundreds of students as well as considerable skill in research methods and research writing. He has demonstrated that he can produce substantial and informed work to spec and on time with very little supervision.


John has several years of experience in business communications, both as a freelancer and as an office administrator. He takes pride in writing clearly, diplomatically, and efficiently with an eye to the purpose of the piece as well as the time restraints facing today's busy executives. He is also, as befits his experience as an editor and as a professor, committed to maintaining strict client confidentiality. He has particular experience in writing memos, e-mails, training materials, and executive summaries.

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Blog Post

John has operated his own personal blog for over a decade now in various guises. An endeavor undertaken for love rather than profit, it began as a way of apprising a group of close friends of what was happening in his life. However, in the interval it has become a much broader platform for thoughts on social and political developments, observations about professional or personal interests, and for musing about or playing with words. It showcases a more personal, conversational style than his academic and research work.


As a researcher, academic, and educator John has written and published several full articles in peer-reviewed journals. These articles relate to his historical and educational work. He has additionally written a number of short online essays and similar pieces of content relating to his various interests, including higher education, science communications, and social psychology. He is capable of producing well-written and informative work to specification with little notice.


John has substantial experience in writing complex grant proposals, including those with very specific requirements or idiosyncratic approaches to review. Some of the grants for which he has written proposals are the William J. Fulbright Foundation, the European Union's Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Research Fellowship, The Social Sciences Research Council, and the Fulbright-Hays Research Fellowship.

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