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Sarah has been working in web copywriting for over a year. She has experience writing creative, customer-focused content for a variety of industries, including plumbing, glass-making and installation, general medicine, dentistry, general legal work, and more. She has a BA in English from the University of Iowa and has a passion for both creative and client-based writing. Her personal tumblr contains a variety of poetic pieces she has written, and she continues to work on improving her personal style.
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Sarah's creative writing specialties include poetry and short fiction, as well as creative non-fiction pieces. She is also skilled in writing SEO-focused copy for websites, designed to improve the site's performance in search engines and grab the interest of desired customers, as well as writing professional e-mails and inter-office communication.


Sarah's interests include reading and writing. She is strongly in favor of creative writing, and always enjoys a challenge. She is not afraid to hone her skills in the copywriting industry, and likes taking on new and different business challenges that she's never written for before.


American River College

At American River College, Sarah laid the foundations of her English Degree by taking several creative writing workshops, as well as getting her GE's largely out of the way. She also attended the first ever DESC - Delta English Studies Consortium - which selected a few top students from local universities and allowed them to present their research papers. She was also selected to be published in the American River Review, which is a college-run creative writing magazine that has won national awards for content and presentation.

University of Iowa

At the University of Iowa, Sarah further improved her English ability by taking several writing workshop classes across a variety of styles, as well as going more in-depth into literary analysis. She presented at several open mics during her time at the university.

Web Development

300 Projects Completed

As a web copywriter for an international website provider, Sarah has written hundreds of websites across a broad variety of subjects. From authoritative legal sites to kid-friendly, parent-oriented childcare sites, she is an expert in tone and SEO. She is able to take minimum amounts of instruction and create a written piece that entices customers and encourages business growth.

Web Page

306 Projects Completed

Sarah understands that your business website is swiftly becoming your primary form of advertisement to potential customers. By creating enticing, customer-focused content, Sarah has aided hundreds of SMBs to increase customer growth and revenue in her position as a website copywriter.

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