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Lauren B. is an attorney, licensed to practice law in California and Pennsylvania. She is an exceptional legal researcher and writer, with significant experience in preparation and review of various pleadings, motions, correspondence, and other communications.

Lauren worked for more than 10 years in healthcare government relations, most notably as Director of Government Relations for the University of California, Irvine Medical Center and Medical School, and as Director of Government Affairs for the California Association of Public Hospitals. She is an expert in writing white papers, policy position communications, and correspondence with legislators and other interested parties, and is a skilled researcher in matters involving legislation, law, and regulations.

Lauren is also an expert in medical writing, having made disability determinations for the Social Security Administration for more than four years. In this position, she received extensive medical training, and developed a strong understanding of medical terminology, familiarity with reading and interpreting medical records, and knowledge of law and policy regarding health and disability.

Lauren is a fiction writer with extensive publications, including a collection of short fiction. She is editor of the online literary journal, Corium Magazine, and edits other creative writing, including novels and short stories, on a freelance basis.


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Lauren has performed various legal work, including: writing definitions for a legal dictionary; writing and editing legal pleadings and motions in the areas of disability, family law, business law and other; and writing legal/medical documents regarding insurance issues. In addition, she has handled all phases of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) applications from both a representative/attorney side, and as an adjudicator for the Social Security Administration.


Lauren has worked extensively in the areas of healthcare, medicine, and disability. Her work includes: writing and editing magazine articles, writing white papers, writing disability decisions for the Social Security Administration, and other.

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Lauren has written and edited articles for several magazines, including Ability Magazine. She has written primarily about health and disability, with an emphasis on Medicare and Medicaid issues. At present, she is a regular contributor to a regional lifestyles magazine.

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