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Shannon T. has been writing professionally for more than 8 years. Her writing has appeared on sites as varied as (The Motley Fool),, and She has also written short stories and non-fiction books, as well as letters for her favorite non-profit organizations.

Prior to writing professionally, Shannon lived in Japan, where she taught English to young children at an international preschool. Her youngest student was just 8 months old, but her main classroom was full of 2-year-olds. Because of her commitment to providing a quality education and supporting the teaching staff, she was promoted to the lead teacher position. Shannon brings this experience with her when writing about teaching and parenting.
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Teaching and parenting preschoolers, personal finance, marketing, managing ADHD, gifted children and education


Fiction writing, men's gymnastics (her son is a young competitor), fostering a love of learning in children


Wellesley College

Shannon T. earned her degree in Women's Studies. She was a member of the Shakespeare Society and was active in supporting women's causes.


224 Projects Completed

Shannon T. has had some personal finance training. She uses this background and her own research and personal experience to write articles on this topic that speak to the average person. Her work has appeared on,, and other sites with a focus on personal finance. She is especially drawn to topics that focus on getting out of debt, saving money, and improving credit scores.


106 Projects Completed

Shannon has written on marketing topics for a variety of business-related websites, including She knows that the key to good marketing is understand what customers want and writing material in a way that gives them what they need. She frequently writes about search engine marketing and the benefits of inbound marketing.


101 Projects Completed

Shannon has written on a variety of parenting topics for sites like and others. She has two children of her own and worked as a preschool teacher in Japan. Sub-specialties in this field include meeting the needs of gifted children, positive discipline techniques, educational play, and work-life balance as a parent.

Direct Mail

0 Projects Completed

Shannon has volunteered to write direct mailings for non-profit organizations. The goal of these projects was to inform members and entice them into attending a special event. In addition to writing the text, she has some experience formatting the writing to fit within a particular framework. She strives to understand the needs of the customer and tailor writing to create the desired response.

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