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Kathryn S. is an accomplished IT executive with a career background working in the automotive industry. With an MBA from a Top 10 business school, Kathryn has the education and experience to produce business plans, presentations, and technical documentation.

Kathryn is adept at writing business case proposals to secure funding for multi-million dollar projects along with detailed project narratives and ongoing operational reports.

Kathryn has authored newsletter and web articles focused on new technology deployment. She is the departmental spokesperson responding to all IT-related requests submitted through the employee suggestion program and communicates frequently with employees at levels, including C-level executives.

Kathryn also enjoys writing articles from a personal perspective about her life experiences and interests.


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As an information technology leader, Kathryn is frequently called upon to write executive level narratives associated with technical projects, technical staffing, and funding for technology programs. This requires a solid understanding of technical concepts and the ability to translate them into business terms.

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Kathryn enjoys writing articles on a wide range of topics for publication in online newsletters and publications.

Insightful and down-to-earth, Kathryn enjoys writing articles from her own life experiences and observations.

She is equally adept at writing news-based, factual articles and applies her attention to detail and organizational mindset to her writing.

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