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Emily is a classical musician with a Master of Music degree in viola performance. She has a passion for writing and currently works as a freelance writer for several companies. She has written on a variety of subjects, including health and fitness (her favorite subject area), dietary advice, nutrition, historical figures, and travel. In the world of academic writing, she produced more than twenty research papers (10-25 pages each) on musical, historical, and literary topics. Additionally, she wrote a fifty-nine page dissertation on a musical subject for her graduate degree. Emily has lived in Scotland and Israel.


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As a freelance ghostwriter for articles, Emily has written on many health topics, including the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, healthy recipes, and types of exercise.

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As a freelance writer, Emily has ghostwritten over 40 articles for blogs and websites, including medical websites, healthy eating websites, and travel blogs.

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Emily has ghostwritten many blog posts, especially for blogs devoted to healthy eating.

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