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Experienced at working with all types of clients — from Fortune-500 companies to owner-operated startups, Steven loves the freelance life. He specializes in SEO-friendly website content, but also enjoys writing ad copy for print, video and more.

A six-month contract with American Airlines had him writing and editing content for their website as well as social media scripts and copy. An ongoing contract with an ad agency keeps him busy creating compelling email campaigns for Galderma Pharmaceuticals and local businesses.

Additionally, Steven spends much of his time writing about marketing, advertising, blogging and social media through various channels, including where he is a primary contributor.
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SEO, web content, AP style, social media and ad copy


Gaming, travel, history, marketing and advertising, retail


University of Texas in Arlington

Steven studied at the University of Texas, specializing in communications technology and history. He excelled at advertising design, but his true passion is in writing. Writing copy for advertisers seemed the perfect fit.

Through UT he was able to procure an internship with a local ad agency. He fell in love and has been writing for marketing ever since.


32 Projects Completed

Steven has written extensively for American Airlines, including several articles featured on their Website. His department creates media for AA's giving, public engagement and diversity.


27 Projects Completed

Fitting into the independent gaming niche makes it difficult to find paying jobs. Indie developers don't typically have a marketing budget. Through his blog, Steven writes to help developers understand the importance of marketing and how they can utilize social media and other platforms to create an audience for their product.


26 Projects Completed

Through a local ad agency, Steven was contracted to complete an email campaign for a global aesthetic-treatment company. The emails were intended to cross-sell products, entice inactive customers to redeem special offers and to encourage existing customers to refer friends. Being extremely good looking himself, he has a unique insight into beauty trends and products.


21 Projects Completed

Steven is a constant blogger about marketing, social media, advertising and copy writing. He is also a board member for his local American Advertising Federation chapter. He is a regular marketing writer for independent game developers on a site called He is also working on a marketing book to target that same audience.


19 Projects Completed

A proud husband and father, Steven tortures his coworkers with adorable videos of his son. All the stages of family are important and special to him. He and his wife have been through all the struggles, highs and lows that make family life at once difficult and exhilarating. He loves to share his stories, research and insights with those who would listen.

Real Estate

16 Projects Completed

Steven has written ad copy and web content for real estate companies, home-finding websites and more.


15 Projects Completed

Regular reporting on marketing and branding, Steven knows a thing or two about getting seen and impressing employers. He sees right through fancy, fluffy LinkedIn accounts and his friends look to him for advice in getting jobs, advancing their careers and setting goals. He loves to share career information and perform research.


11 Projects Completed

Steven is a regular contributor to TripAdvisor and is in the top 10% of contributors in his region. He is an avid traveler and loves sharing advice and amazing restaurants and locations. Always on the lookout for hidden gems, he is not afraid to peek into dark alleys on his travels and give readers the real scoop. Of course, posh vacations are good too.


10 Projects Completed

Always a way with words, Steven can tell it like it is. His gritty blogging style is both enlightening and hilarious. And the ladies? Well, let's just say his trial-and-error method has led him down a few interesting paths. The resulting research has given him the insight of hindsight he so long lacked.


8 Projects Completed

A fitness addict and exercise aficionado, Steven loves to share his goals and technique with those who want to improve their health. He's tried many diets to varying degrees of success and is always on the lookout for new methods to increase his strength and flexibility. His wife teaches yoga and has helped to deepen his understanding of the human body and the human condition.

Self Help

6 Projects Completed

Steven is a loving father and a constant provider of life advice. He has studied mental, emotional and physical wellness both in college and in life, and his professional career has focused on real-life applications for all sorts of situations. He has written about lifestyle, diet, childbirth and education and he is passionate about how he lives and how others perceive themselves.


5 Projects Completed

A true jack-of-all-hobbies, Steven enjoys painting, creating models, tabletop gaming and woodworking. He's always on the lookout for some new experiences about which to write.

Blog Post

109 Projects Completed

Having mastered the art of casual/informative style, Steven is at home in the blogosphere. Working in a variety of topics from lifestyle and fashion to tech and video games, he has a knack for breaking down complex topics into bite-size blogs that readers understand and, when appropriate, are called to action as well.

Web Page

104 Projects Completed

Websites are Steven's jam. Coincidentally, they are also his bread and butter. He has written for many Fortune-500 clients including American Airlines, 7-Eleven, Rheem and Galderma. He also writes frequently for video game developers and other small startups seeking compelling content.


49 Projects Completed

Having worked for major consumer packaged goods brands on their catalogs and internal communications, Steven has a deep knowledge of consumer goods. He takes great satisfaction in his product descriptions and always finds the best qualities.


47 Projects Completed

Steven consistently puts out articles for clients and for his personal blog pages. He is consistent and professional.

Newsletter Content

21 Projects Completed

Steven has written countless sales emails and newsletters for brands and industries that run the gamut.


20 Projects Completed

Steven has written extensively for ad agencies and major brands like American Airlines, 7-Eleven, Rheem, Galderma the Fort Worth Zoo and many more. Advertising is his forte and he approaches it with passion. Nothing makes him happier than cranking out compelling copy content creations.

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