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Anna G
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Anna G has been writing since she could pick up a pen. Earning a BFA has given her experience and expertise in research and academic writing. In addition, Anna has taken several English classes that culminated in receiving the Lena Todd Award for outstanding writing. Her unique background in areas as diverse as computer programming to anthropology means she is capable of writing to a wide range of audiences.


Programming: Anna has taken several programming classes, giving her an understanding and ability to write about programming to a non-programmer audience.

Creative writing: Anna has been writing creatively for as long as she could remember, giving her a strong ability as a ghost writer. She is capable of writing for a number of genres.

Research: Anna's experience earning a BFA has given her strong research skills. She has written researched papers and articles on a range of subjects varying from programming to anthropology. She understands the need for accurate well researched articles and blogs.

Food: Anna's experience in the beverage industry has given her a wide range of knowledge on specialty drink products, mainly teas and coffee.


Anna has a burning curiosity to know everything she can about the world around her. She has read and researched topics from wildlife ecology to computer technology. Her diverse interests has translated into diverse writing.


University of New Mexico

In addition to studies in Studio Art and Art History, Anna has taken classes in fields as diverse as Computer Engineering to Anthropology. In addition she completed several creative writing classes, culminating in receiving the Lena Todd Award for creative writing her senior year of college.


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Anna has experience and knowledge of tech from her experience in programming and digital arts classes. She is always interested in developments in the tech world, and has a passion for computer hardware.


0 Projects Completed

Anna has experience both in the coffee industry and working as an Event Assistant for an organic tea company. She has a wide range of knowledge on specialty teas and coffee.


0 Projects Completed

Anna has experience writing articles from her own personal work as well as work writing for her local paper.

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