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Edward F
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For nearly two decades Edward F. has written promotional and informational text for commercial Web sites, for stationery and for real-world marketing materials in a wide array of industries, ranging from medical products, to marketing products, such as signs and inflatables, to entertainment venues. During flights of fancy, he has also written short stories in the dark fantasy or weird fiction genres and poetry written as song lyrics geared toward heavy metal music—some of which were turned into songs.

He has a passion for the English language. Crafting a work in an interesting fashion to create a compelling message, in whatever format is necessary, for projects great and small, gives him the utmost satisfaction.
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Edward F. has worked in a number of industries, giving him a wide point of view from various perceptions.

While he is currently part owner of a small business that installs computer and phone cabling, he has also designed Web sites, including writing CGI programming code, he has designed and produced marketing materials for various companies, he has published short books and a small magazine, and he has worked in various manufacturing jobs.

Rather than being limiting from moving through several industries throughout the years, this gives him the ability to see the world from various stances, from an employee's point of view to a business owner's perception.


Edward has various interests, from being an avid reader of anything he can get his hands on, to enjoying a trip across the country, to the simple pleasures of communicating with friends and being with his family.

One of his greatest interests is writing. Being hearing impaired, writing, in general, is more than a simple hobby or job — it's his most basic and natural means of communication.


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Combining various skills together into a single product, Edward F. writes, graphically designs, edits and publishes a series of e-books that are offered through various online e-book retailers, and he maintains a Web site to market the books. The books' content includes short fiction, poetry, a serial fiction story that runs throughout all the books, and non-fictional notes on old, public domain artwork published in the books. He is currently working on a compilation of all the books published to date that includes additional, original material. Much of the content in the books and on the Web site is of a dark, strange, humorous vein.

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32 Projects Completed

During the past fifteen years, Edward F. has written the body text for and published several Web sites to customer specifications for a wide array of industries, ranging from medical products, to marketing products, such as signs and inflatables, to entertainment venues. He normally started with either an outline of the raw data that needs to be included or a rough treatment, in paragraph form, of the type of verbiage required. He then completed the writing to the customer's specifications, making any requested revisions in a timely fashion. In several instances, he has developed Web sites from scratch, creating all of the content out of thin air.

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