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Adam is an award-winning journalist with 10 years experience as a writer, public relations professional, and community organizer. His written work includes hundreds of published news articles, nonprofit fundraising materials, and online marketing campaigns.

Adam is efficient, manageable, and attentive to detail.


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Industry Projects

  • Non Profit500+
  • Politics100+
  • Government100+

Summary of Industry Experience

Non Profit

In addition to his writing career, Adam is a successful nonprofit administrator and public relations professional.

Adam recently directed communications at a community social services organization, helping raise $600,000+ annually in private funding through email marketing, social media campaigns, and traditional media pitches, direct mail and more. Adam has also served a long list of advocacy and political organizations.


Adam is an experienced political reporter, publishing hundreds of reports on elections and government over nearly 10 years. He's covered everything from the school board budget to presidential debates.

Adam grew up in the first-in-the-nation presidential caucus state of Iowa and has participated in three presidential elections, first as a full-time reporter and most recently as a paid political consultant. He's worked presidential visits, alongside White House press corps reporters from places like the New York Times, CNN, and Washington Post.


Adam is an award-winning government watchdog. He has covered everything from school boards and municipal budgets to federal legislation and presidential elections.

Adam has earned a huge amount of expertise on how government functions at all levels. His specialty is in quickly comprehending bureaucratic or legislative jargon and translating it for other audiences.

Product Projects

  • Press Release100+
  • Facebook Post100+
  • Newsletter Content50+

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Adam has a proven record for securing media placement through the use of press releases.

Adam's knack for grabbing reporters' attention comes from his own time as a newspaper journalist - he's worked in some of the Midwest's largest newspaper and broadcast newsrooms over nearly 10 years as a journalist.

Adam has lent his writing skills to dozens of press campaigns, both as a nonprofit communications professional and as a freelance political consultant. He is ready to help promote events, organizations, publications, campaigns, and more.

Facebook Post

Adam has managed social media content for many different businesses, organizations and causes.

He is a digital-native and he closely follows the trends and developments across the web in order to incorporate the latest best practices into online content. Adam has a proven record of growing organizations' reach, both through paid and organic Facebook campaigns.

Newsletter Content

Adam has circulated newsletters to tens of thousands of recipients, through print and e-mail campaigns.

Adam can manage newsletter projects from conception to receipt - planning articles, writing, editing, and also graphics and layout. He has worked with a huge variety of subject material, including education, political activism, and nonprofit fundraising.

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