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Sara M. has an extensive writing background. As an MBA graduate, Sara M. has authored countless business case studies. She has also worked with many small business and non-profit groups to write email copy, blog posts, and web content on a wide variety of topics. Sara M. is happy to work within very strictly defined parameters, as defined by the client, or to produce more creative content. Sara M. is a former retail executive, who is very comfortable writing catalog and eCommerce copy. She also worked as a career coach and recruiter, so is very skilled with regards to writing cover letters, resumes, and job descriptions.


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Sara M's Business Industry Experience

40 Projects Completed

Sara M. has written a variety of pieces pertaining to business practices and trends in the United States.

Industry Projects

  • Career100+
  • Business20+
  • Fitness20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Sara M. is a former retail executive who successfully ran her own career coaching/recruiting firm for two years. She created hundreds of cover letters and resumes. She also authored several job descriptions and business reports.


Sara M. has written a variety of pieces pertaining to business practices and trends in the United States.


Sara M. has written a variety of blog posts and web content for various fitness websites. Sara M. is a certified group fitness trainer and has a great deal of knowledge regarding fitness and general wellness. Some of the topics that Sara M. has explored in her blog posts and web content revolve around corporate health and wellness, physical fitness for senior citizens, and incorporating fitness and nutrition into busy lifestyles.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Email Copy20+
  • Newsletter Content20+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Sara M. has written 50 blog posts for a variety of small business and non-profit websites. Her blog posts involve a wide variety of topics, including how to find a great job after being laid off, commentaries on several workplace topics (job security, female executives, and work-life balance), various health and wellness topics (wellness in the workplace, the importance of physical fitness for senior citizens), and national animal rescue efforts.

Email Copy

Sara M. has written email copy for a variety of small businesses and non-profit organizations. Her copy was typically used as part of a larger email campaign, i.e., rather than writing one email at a time, she was given the assignment to design 3-4 emails that would be sent over a period of several days.

Newsletter Content

Sara M. has written several articles for a variety of newsletters, ranging from small and medium-sized business to non-profit organizations.

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