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Amanda E. has spent her life in love with the written word. She surrounds herself with the works of great authors and spins her own stories of fact and fiction. While studying literature and creative writing at Antioch University she decided to take her love of writing to a professional level. While raising her four children and maintaining her blog chronicling this journey into writing, she is constantly seeking out new opportunities to practice her craft and use her words to help others tell their story. While she is fairly new to the world of freelance, she is confident in her ability to build beautiful and impactful statements from the blueprint of her clients' thoughts and looks forward to working with you.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Amanda has worked in education since 2006 and has a strong background in child development, special education and the education system. She is passionate about the effectiveness of our children's education and thoroughly enjoys writing on the topic. She has approached this from ethical, political, legal, environmental, developmental, and psychological aspects and has written multiple articles in this area.


Amanda maintains a personal blog dedicated to her adventures into the career world. She details how-to processes, evaluates different career ventures, and compiles informative advice and tips to help others through their own process. She makes it a priority to approach this industry with honesty and an open minds in order to paint a clear and concise picture for her audience.


As a parent of four children, Amanda has tremendous amounts of parenting experience and loves writing about the roller coaster that is raising children. She acknowledges that parenting is imperfect at best and reflects this in her writing on the topic. Being a parent is her greatest pride and sharing the joys, fears, tears, and laughter with others is one of Amanda's favorite pastimes.

She has written articles concerning issues facing families, experience as a parent, activities for the family, the daily quirks of children, and other various family topics.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


A major portion of Amanda's writing projects have been written in article form. She is extremely comfortable in this writing form and has covered a variety of topics for various clients. The tone of these pieces has ranged from light and fun to serious and impactful. She is excited to continue writing articles suited to fit the specific needs of any client.


Amanda spent the early years of her adolescence and adulthood writing and presenting speeches in competitions. She is extremely proud of her ability to write a persuasive or otherwise effective speech. The impact of her speeches can be measured by awards and accolades she has received for her work. She has covered a wide array of topics in her speeches and is willing to cover any additional topics thrown her way.

Facebook Post

Amanda has worked to help promote several local businesses through Facebook over the last few years. She helps them create eye catching and attention getting posts in moments of needed public interaction. These local businesses include hair salons/stylists, entertainment companies, local events, direct sales representatives, and special interest groups.

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