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Michele has been writing professionally since 2007. Her career--as a beat reporter/journalist, paralegal, licensed teacher, and small business owner/cook--qualifies her to write authoritatively on law, small business, government, education, and food. Michele's online content appears on LegalZoom, TheNest, Ehow, Livestrong, and Chron. Her news writing on local government appeared in community newspapers in Northern New Jersey. A licensed teacher, Michele taught social studies in high school and middle school. Just as varied as her career has been Michele's education. She studied history and political science as an undergraduate, contracts and torts as a law student, and education as a graduate student in a Master of Arts in Teaching program. Perhaps Michele's most valuable "education" came during the five years she owned and operated a restaurant in New Jersey.


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Michele's articles on patent law, copyright, non-profits and disclosure, religious beliefs in society, divorce, and legal research have been published by leading online legal technology companies.


Michele's articles have explored trends, ethical standards, training, and job outlook for lawyers and paralegals.


A professional cook who ran her own restaurant, Michele's articles on cooking and nutrition have appeared on leading food and drink websites. She writes about proper cooking techniques, culinary terms, nutritional content of recipes, ethnic ingredients, and baking.

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Michele's online articles have covered a variety of topics, from copyright laws to the purpose of using eggs when baking a cake. When writing for newspapers, Michele reports on municipal government and profiles local residents.

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Michele blogs on education topics. Her work has focused on the learning and social challenges faced by ADHD children and adolescents.

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