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With so many voices out there demanding to be heard, you need something special. You need something that puts you ahead of the pack and breaks free of all that extra noise. You need writing that sings. Kim M. has studied with AWAI, the Institute of Children’s Literature and Long Ridge Writers Group. She has over 15 years of experience as a writer including copywriting, blogging, technical writing, articles, landing pages, web copy, e-mail and snail mail communications, ghostwriting and novel writing. She has helped many businesses and writers say what they needed to say succinctly and precisely. Kim M. is a versatile writer who is more than ready, willing and able to help you with all your writing needs.


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Industry Projects

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  • Technology10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Kim M. not only created choreography and performed as a dancer with Spiral Skies Belly Dance Troupe, but she also handled some of their external communications with other area dancers, secured grants and free publicity, obtained fire permits, plus helped create press releases, articles, blog posts, introduction speeches and web content. When time allowed, she would help edit writing generated by other members of the troupe.


Kim M. was the Billing Martial Arts writer for an electronic publication/news site. Besides being a black-belt herself in Kyuki-Do, she traveled around town and interviewed students, instructors and covered events that represented all the styles to be found in Billings and the surrounding area. She generated about three articles per week with supporting photographs and uploaded them all, along with backlinks, to her page on the site.


Kim M. worked as a content writer and editor for a technology company called EOSRemote based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her main job was to edit any errors she found and to give the pre written content a more relatable voice and style. She found the biggest challenge, but one she could do by asking some questions, was to bring the technical jargon down into an easy to read vocabulary that even the most technologically challenged individual could understand.

Product Projects

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  • Direct Mail1
  • Newsletter Content0

Summary of Product Experience


Kim M. wrote a young adult paranormal/historical fiction book that is currently for sale on Amazon.com. She also ghostwrote two books for a client and had both of them done in five months as per the client's request. One book was 25,000 words, the other 51,000 words and both were adult works of fiction in the paranormal/romance genre. One of them is currently for sale on Amazon.com.

Direct Mail

Kim M. was responsible, while she was with Spiral Skies Belly Dance Troupe, for letting dancers who had auditioned to perform in one of the Troupe's largest shows know that they had not been accepted. It was a direct mail letter that had to be a kind and tactful rejection. Kim's letter did so well at quelling hard feelings that the Troupe still uses it.

Newsletter Content

Kim M. volunteered her services as a newsletter article writer for Cub Scout Pack 318 in Shepherd, Montana. Her main job was to generate articles to be published in the monthy school newsletter. These articles would help let the community know what the pack had been up to and what their future tasks were. It was a great platform to announce any charity fund-raisers, public events or recruitment dates and times.

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