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Colleen S has been a journalist for 20 years, including working as a reporter for major daily newspapers and a national news service. During that time she has written hard news stories, as well as investigative and feature stories for print, online and broadcast formats. She has also worked in marketing/public relations for over three years, including for a national audio manufacturer, a non-profit organization and her own company. She has successfully landed clients media coverage on T.V. and radio stations, as well as in newspapers and online publications. She's talented at writing and editing press releases, website content, B2B documents, advertisements, social media blasts and other marketing material.
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Breaking news and feature articles, press releases and website content. She has written extensively about K-12 education in Arizona, Illinois and Michigan.


Education, yoga, dance, health and fitness, politics, literature, family life.


Michigan State University

Colleen S learned crucial practical and theoretical journalism skills at Michigan State University from professors experienced in the field.


100 Projects Completed

Colleen S has written and reported on K-12 education for eight years as a reporter at daily and semi-weekly newspapers in Arizona, Michigan and Illinois.


20 Projects Completed

Colleen S has written and edited press releases, B2B documents and other documents for small businesses and as a contractor for other marketing/public relations companies.

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Colleen S has blogged for her own company, as well as for a major daily newspaper. She has blogged on community news in Arizona, along with topics of interest including yoga, literature, relationships and ballet. She has a conversational style and her blogs are informative and entertaining.

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