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2012-Present vocalize LLC, Boise, ID
o Owner, Writing/PR/Social Media

2007-2012 Healthwise, Inc., Boise, ID
o Scriptwriter/Editor, Web Writer, Medical Writer

2001-2007 Mindjet Corporation, San Francisco, CA
o External Affairs/PR/Communications Manager, Company biographer

1997-2001 California Medical Associations, San Francisco, CA
o Media Relations Manager, Website Content Manager, Newsletter Editor

1995-1997 CBS Radio Network: American Communications Fdn., Tiburon, CA
o Associate Producer, “The Osgood File” series on health
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Wireless networking, 4G LTE
Track-and Trace Software for Supply Chains
Channel Marketing
Patient-centered health care information, plain language


internet of Things
Customer-centric companies


University of California at Berkeley

Studies print journalism

San Francisco State University

Studies video and documentary production


300 Projects Completed

Employed by contract to write case studies explaining the value to customers of the technology company's products and services. Interviewed customers, wrote first draft, then worked with clients and client's customer to create final version of study. Requires ability to translate often highly technical customer testimony into language understandable by non-technical line-of-business buyers; ability to work with teams to arrive at final document version agreeable to all parties.


5 Projects Completed

Develop company information and data into short, punch eBook to be used as part of channel marketing company's inbound marketing program. Required an understanding of the attributes of writing for the web, and ability to translate information and data into specific short-form content creation. Also required certain comfort level with the field of ROI measurement in the marketing field.


3 Projects Completed

Developed a deep understanding of this agriculture industry oriented software designed to help growers, packers, shippers, and distributors of fresh produce track and trace their products as they moved through the supply chain. Interviewed companies partners to understand how the software integrated with other products to deliver exceptional value to the software company's clients. Developed facility with the technical language that surrounds the company's specific software solution.

Product Description

100 Projects Completed

This is an example of a product description in the form a case study: how a customer uses and benefits from the company's product or service. Creating a customer success story depends on a writer's familiarity with the product for service in question. Only with a thorough understanding of the offering is it possible to write a compelling story--to enable the reader to draw the connection between the offering's characteristics and the benefits the customer derived from the use of same. The object of a case study is to condense the customer's protracted experience with a product or service into a 1000-word or less, two-page with photos, two-sided document ready to be handed out at trade shows and used to quickly acquaint prospect clients with the company's value proposition.

Blog Post

50 Projects Completed

This technology company hired writer to interview executive and from those interviews create an on-going series of blog posts. Successful completion of the assignment required an ability to listen, to find the important story often not completely understood by the interviewee him- or herself. Required a good understanding of the client's technology (wireless 4G LTE networking for distributed enterprises), and an understanding of the writing conventions of the blog.

Email Copy

10 Projects Completed

Successful email campaign writing depends first and foremost on the ability to create strong subject lines. Without such lines, the email won't pass the first hurdle and be immediately deleted. Once the recipient is intrigued enough to open the mail, the message must then quickly address the recipient's immediate pain point, and just as quickly provide a simple step for him or her to take to find out more information. It is all about speed,

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