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Ray S. offers extensive written and communication skills for most writing projects, including blogs, magazine articles, reputation management, essays, and social media assets. His strong SEO experience enables him to naturally integrate relevant keywords into any requested content order.

Ray S. has been an independent writer for a leading SEO marketing firm in the United States since April, 2012. He has been tasked with ghostwriting articles for executives in the technology industry as well as for other writers, community leaders, and business executives.

Hallmarks of his professional abilities and traits include project management, reliable delivery, excellent communication, and bottom-line focus and orientation. His extensive business and entrepreneurial background in areas as diverse as accounting, legal matters, investment management and oversight, computer hardware and software, and client communications gives him a leading advantage when preparing written material for business marketing purposes.


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Industry Projects

  • Politics20+
  • Self Help20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Ray S. has been assigned to ghostwrite a series of political pieces for a group of mini-websites that were constructed for SEO purposes. Four different website were built to reflect different aspects of global geopolitical issues and are regularly updated with new materials that are commentaries on specific world conditions or issues.

Self Help

Ray S. was requested to provide specific materials relating to an American spiritualist who has spent many years in India study Vedic practices and traditions under various spiritual leaders and religious icons. Many of the contracted pieces were written to illustrate how ancient Vedic practices continue to be of value and importance in our modern world and times.

Product Projects

  • Web Page500+
  • Press Release20+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

As part of the assignments that Ray S. regularly receives, specific web pages have been requested to be developed, many of which also include specific keywords that must be included in the written content. He has been assigned to create series of web pages for a variety of businesses and individuals, including physicians, plumbing companies, tour companies, and celebrities.

Press Release

Ray S. has been contracted to provide press releases for selected clients of the SEO firm that he works with as an independent writer and contractor. At times, the requested piece must include specific keywords; in other instances, a specific event or launch needs to be promoted. Often press releases are time-sensitive and must therefore be prepared and delivered within a short timeframe. Ray S. prides himself on reliable and consistent delivery of such projects.

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