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Ann P. is a seasoned writer and editor with 10 years of professional experience. Since graduating with degrees in English and public relations, she has worked as a copywriter for multiple marketing agencies. Ann's experience includes writing and editing strategically-focused marketing for some of the world’s largest companies and most trusted brands. She has written digital and print marketing executions such as websites, e-mail campaigns, social media campaigns, press releases, scripts, banner ads, articles, blogs, promotions and various other projects. Ann has experienced much success writing for a variety of audiences in different tones and voices to deliver the most powerful message. Clients have included pharma companies, consumer-packaged goods companies and many more.


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Industry Projects

  • Consumer Goods100+
  • Pets50+
  • Bio/Pharm0

Summary of Industry Experience

Consumer Goods

Ann's agency experience started in the consumer packaged goods industry. She was the lead writer on the Procter & Gamble digital account, meaning she handled P&G's web content -- from their product websites to their online newsletters. Ann researched each of P&G's multiple SKUs and immersed herself in the depths of each product. This allowed her to write content that appealed to P&G's broad audience. From beauty care to pet care to health and wellness, Ann's passion and talent for writing about consumer goods is unmatched.


At a previous job, Ann was the lead writer for Purina, a major pet food account. This meant that she brainstormed key messages and wrote/edited articles, websites, e-mail newsletters, social media campaigns, scripts, etc. Ann also wrote in-store signage for major pet retailers to help promote specific brands of pet food. With her vast knowledge of and interest in all things pet, Ann brings a fresh perspective and helpful ideas to any pet-related writing projects.


As a former copywriter at a pharma agency, Ann P. researched and wrote about many disease states including multiple sclerosis, cancer and diabetes. She brainstormed and wrote key messages for sales aids, websites, e-mail newsletters, social media campaigns, scripts, banner ads, journal ads and other promotional materials. Ann has years of experience working with legal, regulatory and medical review of pharma materials.

Product Projects

  • Press Release100+
  • Script/Video8
  • Direct Mail0

Summary of Product Experience

Press Release

Ann has been writing press releases since her public relations internships and classes back in college. Her coverage of major events has earned her much praise from colleagues and the public alike. Ann thoroughly enjoys organizing all of the facts from one event or announcement into one cohesive press release. She has written press releases for major events, celebrations, conferences and more.


Ann has been writing scripts for her entire professional career. From videos for pharma reps to Pandora audio for pet lovers, her experience and talent are second to none. Over the years, Ann has learned the ropes as far as timing, so she knows how to keep scripts short and sweet while not losing any of their impact. Ann really enjoys the entire process of creating videos -- from ideating to script writing to final production.

Direct Mail

In the ever-growing world of email, Ann knows that direct mail copy has to be short, sweet and very powerful to be opened, let alone read and considered. That's why she takes on any new direct mail projects with an unmatched zest and drive to make these pieces stand out. Ann's direct mail experience includes pharma brands, financial clients, insurance companies and more. The copy she writes for the outside envelopes and the headlines she writes for the letters inside help guarantee that your direct mail pieces will be opened, read and acted upon.

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