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Rachel P
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***VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Please do not send solo orders unannounced, we need to discuss rates and scope first! My rates start at $0.25/word, but I am amenable to flat rate jobs. Thank you!***

Rachel is an indie game developer, writer, and consultant. She is also a HubSpot Inbound certified content strategist here at Writer Access and would be happy to help you with keyword maps, customer journey maps, and buyer personas in addition to writing for you. If you would to like to hire Rachel to devise a content strategy for you, or consult on issues related to marketing, game development, and the burgeoning games-as-content field, check out her new offers below!

An experienced entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and general business writer, Rachel's consulting business is tailored to professional development for indie developers and other creatives. In addition to serving clients in need of professional development and work-life balance, Rachel also works with companies who wish to do business with game developers and professional sector workers who need assistance in acquiring and retaining game developer clients. She has also helped tax offices, attorneys, and insurance brokers sell several thousand dollars worth of services through both her sales and writing skills.

Having formed the business curriculum at Playcrafting NYC, the tristate area's hub for education and business development for interactive entertainment professionals, Rachel teaches courses on general business, taxation, crowdfunding, and fanbase growth after the success of her Basics of Business for Indie Developers courses. Her game studio also Kickstarted six figures for an indie adventure game, so she is a frequently sought-out speaker on crowdfunding and a registered expert witness for Thomson Reuters in the fields of crowdfunding liability and tax law for game developers.

Rachel has written content for gaming industry magazines, user acquisition firms, companies that want to do business with game developers, tax offices, lifestyle blogs, and much more. Rachel has the distinction of making the front page of noted industry rag Gamasutra almost every time she has submitted content. She held a columnist and podcast producer position at Game with Your Brain, in addition to being a regular contributor for numerous private clients in the startup space.

Prior to taking up the game development and writing hustler life, Rachel worked as a tax advisor and held an Enrolled Agent license until 2020, only discontinuing it due to fully focusing on her media career. Rachel practiced for 10 years in a variety of environments ranging from retail tax preparation to white-shoe firm, and solo practice. She also worked with Prometric and high-ranking IRS directors in developing the Enrolled Agent exam for three years running, determining minimum competency requirements for Enrolled Agents along with creating and editing exam content. Upon departing her last salaried tax law associate position, Rachel then worked with Pearson to develop educational tax law content for use in online adult education programs.

Upon leaving the salaried professional track behind and wanting to help other game makers, she wrote the very first taxation guide tailored just for indie developers with full citations for tax and legal professional use, The Definitive Guide to Taxes For Indie Game Developers.

Rachel's unique blend of financial and game development experience led her to a rewarding digital marketing career focusing primarily on content, but she is also adept with social media marketing and affiliate marketing.

Rachel is currently working on a commercial video game (visual novel/adventure game) expecting a 2021 release for PC and Nintendo Switch, as well as a freeware title made in Ren'Py about end of life issues. As a result of development-related research, she completed NBI's probate litigation bootcamp and extensive estate law and estate administration training, in addition to drawing from her prior professional experience.

Her classes, writing, and books have received strong praise for explaining high-level tax and financial concepts in an accessible and often humorous matter that the audience relates to.

With over 1,000 pieces submitted on WriterAccess with dozens of happy, repeat clients in four years of service, Rachel's clients can attest to her going the extra mile and working her hustler magic.
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