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Mohamed A. is a materials scientist with a focus in nanotechnology with over 7 years of experience in the field, all while still in his 20s. During this time, he's given speeches and presented posters on graphene-enabled technologies at MIT, been granted the prestigious KTH Opportunities Fund from his graduate alma mater to arbitrage a research collaboration with the University of Tokyo, and has worked for the Swedish Government to promote Sweden as a global study destination.


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Industry Projects

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  • Science10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Mohamed's interest in technology spans a host of technical topics including penetration testing, programming, and microcontroller programming. Mohamed is also deeply involved in the communities and social activities revolving around technology including Maker culture, the Internet of Things, and the digital nomad lifestyle. Most recently, Mohamed helped organize a TEDx Technology event at the Stockholm School of Economics.

High Tech

Mohamed's expertise in High Tech applications of cutting edge science stem both from his discipline as an engineer and his strong belief in science as a vehicle to embetter society. He's given over 75 talks in the course of his higher education about how emergent technologies could make the world a better place. He was hand-selected by the Swedish government in 2014 as an ambassador to promote Sweden as a global science and technology hub to the world. He's written on a myriad of technical topics for prolific online content aggregators, and was recently contacted for an interview with his alma mater about how streamlining lab-to-home adaptation of new technologies could be done.


Mohamed's expertise in science is exceptional in both breadth and depth, spanning a total of 9 years (and counting). The interdisciplinary nature of his graduate coursework in lieu with his research experience make him an expert on chemistry, physics, applied mathematics, physics modeling, and biology. Mohamed has published two research papers, with a third pending review, has worked as a technical editor for the electrical engineering department at Waterloo University, and has moderated workshops on science pedagogy in the course of the science awareness student activity that he founded.

Product Projects

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  • Product Description500+
  • Blog Post500+

Summary of Product Experience


Mohamed has written over a thousand articles on topics ranging from the very mundane to the very technical. His content has been featured on a host of prestigious online content aggregators, the most notable of which is Thomson Reuters subsidiary, FindLaw. He has a knack for cutting through verbatim to and boil down even the most complicated of ideas to a clear and concise form. He is also certified as having a 100 word-per-minute typing speed, and a 1100 word-per-minute reading comprehension speed, enabling him to complete writing and reading tasks with efficiency.

Product Description

In the course of his writing career spanning over 10 years, Mohamed has written product descriptions for online sellers on Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. His most notable asset as a product description writer is the ability to empathize with the intended customers of products, allowing him to create well-organized descriptions that highlight key product design features without comprimising on informativeness.

Blog Post

With over 7 years of blogging to his name, Mohamed's experience as a blogger is as varied as it is extensive. He's curated content for the Swedish Government's official "Study in Sweden" blog. He's guest blogged as an expert on technical and pop-cultural topics alike. He's written over 200 such guest pieces that have been featured on top-100 websites on the Alexa internet ranking. His success as a blogger derives mainly from his ability to project a friendly and conversational tone through his writing to keep his readers engaged.

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