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Ray B. has independently worked with clients on different projects to be presented on various social media platforms. With more than 10 years of writing experience in a wide range of writing projects and 5 years of experience in photography, he has helped formulate and create website content with different creative themes. Projects produced were used to build engaging content that would promote interest and sales on both websites and social media. He has worked as a Brand Ambassador to promote a streetwear clothing brand utilizing his writing and photography. He provided presentation on various social media platforms that were aimed to engage and encourage audience to be self-confident and express themselves freely. As a writer/blogger, he wrote website content for various clients, articles to promote features and themes for website design, and blogged about opinions on society to help encourage various points of view. Other content he wrote covered medicine, aircraft rental, video game reviews, and cosmetology ads.

Ray B. believes that his wide range of experience and training in the fields of Medical, Computer, and Administration, with the addition of his extracurricular activities in Photography, Writing/Blogging and being a Brand Ambassador; provides him the skills to be a potential and reliable associate.

Ray B. is seeking to work on different and challenging projects. He loves to brainstorm on ideas for writing and blogging. His current projects involve being a Freelance Writer and Social Media Specialist. He shows proficiency in the English language and this can be seen in his style of writing/blogging.


Style, Lifestyle and Music


Fashion, Men's Grooming, Hairstyling, Style, Music


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Ray is currently a contributor for Kurrent Music. He produces an average of 3 to 4 articles per week. In each of his articles, he produces original content that covers the latest news in the music industry, new releases of songs and albums, new and rising music artists, and special events in music. Furthermore, he aims to help gain exposure and publicity for potential local music artists in his location. Kurrent Music is a website that allows writers to express freely about music and their favorite music artists. It also provides a platform to share new material involving songs, albums, popular and underground music artists.


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Ray is the Founder and Blogger for Dakes Bakes Blog.

Pronounced /dah-kis bah-kis/
Meaning “Bad Monkey” in the Ilocano dialect of the Filipino language.

The Dakes Bakes Blog aims to defuse old and negative Asian and Asian America stereotypes in society and media. It focuses on issues that can still be prevalent in today's entertainment media in the movies and television. Furthermore, the blog tries to share, inform, and educate society about the culture, traditions, and contributions to American society that Asians and Asian Americans are and were involved in.


1 Projects Completed

Ray writes for Kurrent Music every week. He produces the latest updates and news on current music artists, songs, albums, etc. Kurrentmusic.com is a platform that allows writers/bloggers and aspiring music artists to share their music, along with their own opinions and thoughts through the written word. It is becoming one of the leading resources online for the latest updates within the current music scene. In addition, it provides what is new in upcoming and indie music.

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