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Wendy specializes in travel journalism and city guides, but also invests heavily in writing about her home city of Seattle. She is a content specialist for dozens of online companies, projects and websites. She also serves in an editorial capacity for content production teams, finalizing and approving articles and blogs before publication, and works as an editorial, news and fine-art photographer for magazines and websites. In addition to travel journalism, her writing skills have been put to work in industries such as home design, architecture, real estate, arts, music, news, restaurant reviews and local content.


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Wendy has been a travel journalist for more than five years, providing articles and photography for magazines, newspapers, hotel blogs and websites. In addition to writing features and "travel tips," she contracts as a content specialist for industry-specific organizations, visitor's bureaus and marketing companies. She also works as a content editor and proofreader for dozens of online projects.

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In addition to writing feature articles for publications such as Seattle Magazine and Undercurrents (Comcast NBCUniversal), Wendy writes and edits hundreds of "web content" pieces for companies such as USA Today, Global Post, SF Gate, Investopedia, Houzz, Home Depot, AZ Central, eBay, Overstock, Marriott, Hotels.com, Carlson Hotels and dozens more. She also travels extensively, writing about the places she visits, such as covering the olive harvest in Italy, harvesting grapes in the San Juan islands, and visiting small villages in India.

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