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Sydney S. became a copywriter a year and a half ago, shortly after she graduated from Lake Forest College, where she received degrees, with honors, in creative writing, sociology, and anthropology. Sydney S. is from a family of writers. That and a lifelong love for literature and storytelling inspired her to follow in her father’s footsteps and pursue writing as a career.
Since her graduation, Sydney S. has been involved in a variety of writing and editing projects, including working as a content editor for a well known website, working with authors to edit and organize books and serving as director of promotions for a small health food business. In addition to this, Sydney S. has also worked with multiple clients in the holistic nutrition industry, so she has experience in assembling product descriptions, writing copy for health and nutrition related events and assembling monthly newsletters.
Her knowledge of sociological processes and research studies has given her invaluable expertise in conducting research across a wide variety of topics and has greatly informed her work as a copywriter.
Although she has experience in writing academic and straightforward pieces, she excels at writing creatively and relishes any and all opportunities to do so.


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Sydney S. has a number of clients in the health industry and worked as the director of promotions for a budding new health food company. She was involved in writing and editing all promotional work, as well as assisting in planning events and developing marketing strategies. Sydney S. has also worked with holistic nutritionists on promotional work, product development and market research.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Sydney S. has been working as a copywriter for a year and a half, and served as director of promotions for a small health food company for most of that time. This position included being responsible for writing copy for all promotions, product descriptions, product labeling and events. She has also worked with numerous private clients on rebranding and social media projects. Her degrees in both creative and scientific fields give her the knowledge to not only write creative copy, but to ensure that the copy written is tailor-made for target markets and audiences.

Product Description

Sydney S. has written many product descriptions, most notably during her tenure as director of promotions for a small health food company, where she was responsible for all aspects of product promotion, including labeling, brochures and product descriptions. She uses her sociological expertise to tailor descriptions towards target audiences and demographics.

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