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Ashley has written for numerous Air Force publications and newspapers as a part of her military life. Some of her stories have gone national, while others have been picked up for publication by various other websites and networks. As a journalist, she has interviewed both local and international celebrities, including actor, Gary Sinise. Among writing articles on widely varied topics, she has also written a series of community leader profiles.She prides herself on the diversity of her writing topics, and tries to give a fresh perspective to everything she writes.

Ashley has a personal blog that she uses to write about the innate humor in every day life. She laughs about the challenges of having children as well as the particular challenges facing military spouses.

She has also written short stories for pulp fiction publications through Pro Se Press out of Arkansas. For them, she has created a series based on an original character. She was also a part of a large project to revamp old characters with new stories. Some of her work will soon be available on audio book.


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Ashley has covered several events as part of her work as a journalist. She enjoys recording the authentic reactions of live events such as concerts and competitive events. She has also written editorials on the passing of celebrities and the moral value of cartoons.


As part of her work with the US Air Force, Ashley has written articles about the successes and aspects of military careers. She has written about broadcasters, pilots, and Thunderbird pilots, as well as Air Force programs and initiatives. She is very good with professional tone and lingo. She tries to bring a fresh perspective to the articles she writes on topics that have become stale as so many about Air Force programs have become.

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Most of Ashley's work so far has been in journalism. She has written articles for local newspapers everywhere she goes. She enjoys the diversity available in journalism. Though it encompasses the largest part of her experience, she is by no means limited to writing only articles. She would like to branch out into other fields and assets.

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