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After college, Daniel took on his first full time job with an employer who gave him an internship during his undergrad. He took a position in business development for a small business that was focused on rapid growth. During the year he worked there that business grew from a six company conglomerate to a ten company conglomerate, and Daniel managed each acquisition working directly with the CEO. The company secured those new acquisitions, and Daniel wanted to find a new place to stimulate growth. He went to a similar situation, and again in his first year he grew the business of another CEO from four companies to seven companies. He also launched his own project that focused on writing and producing creative content. That project can be found at www.dannycoconut.com. Last year he wrote 2 books, and composed an album of music for meditation.


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Industry Projects

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Daniel writes white papers for companies and individuals who are preparing to launch products in the marketplace. These white papers include research on their target market's demographics, marketing platforms, and business verticals that the new product can grow into. The research associated with these white papers is very in depth, and Daniel takes pride in providing value that goes beyond the typical google search by providing actionable data. This provides his clients the opportunity to make the most informed decisions possible.

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Product Description

Daniel has done several product descriptions as part of his different business writing projects. He balances uses descriptive adjectives with actionable verbs to maximize the conversion rates on his descriptions. Adding these into white papers and marketing plans gives Daniel's clients the added value of being able to draw from well thought out product descriptions for other marketing channels.

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