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Kristina Parker has worked with small businesses for over 9 years. During this time, she was responsible for creating a variety of web content as well as any business forms that were needed. Through these tasks she became increasingly knowledgeable about many of the Microsoft Office programs as well as Adobes Creative Suite. In addition to this, Kristina P. was also responsible for generating reports for clients and interpreting data.

In addition to this, she has provided web and blog content for a variety of individuals through online content sites. Each article was created with original content, on a variety of topics which were dictated by the client. Each article also had a deadline that ranged from a few hours to a day in length. Because of this experience, Kristina is accustomed to providing accurate and original articles promptly. Deadlines are never missed.

Her work towards her Bachelors of Science Degree in Zoology presented her with a number of opportunities to research and investigate complex scientific processes. Because of this, she is able to research and explain complicated subjects in a simpler way that is easier to understand. Kristina P. is also able to create articles in formats that are common in these fields and that use MLA, Chicago, or APA formatting for citations.


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Industry Projects

  • Science10+
  • Real Estate10+
  • Technology5

Summary of Industry Experience


Kristina Parker has written a variety of papers and articles involving scientific fields. These include both academic style research papers as well as more informational articles. The client posed a question that needed an answer and Kristina performed the necessary research and wrote the article or blog that was requested. The format was dictated by the client as well as the length and the deadline.

Real Estate

Kristina Parker has produced a number of blog and informational articles about real estate and related topics. These articles were researched and written to a length dictated by the client and completed according to a deadline that was also set by the client. These deadlines ranged from a few hours to a day after the job was accepted.


Kristina Parker has spent a number of years working in and alongside small businesses. Because of this, she is familiar with a number of programs that are commonly used as well as the technologies that are integral to the functioning of many businesses today. Besides this, she is able to learn new programs and technologies with ease when necessary and then explain their fundamentals to others. This can be seen in some of the articles that she has written as well as in the interests that she pursues.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Kristina Parker has written a number of blog posts upon request by clients. The topics of these blog posts varied from technology to health and beauty tips. Each topic was researched before the blog was written. The length and deadline for each blog post was dictated by the client, many of them requiring a couple hour turn around from the time the job was received by Kristina.


Kristina Parker is increasingly familiar with article writing on a number of subjects. While she was required to produce a number of research style papers while obtaining her degree, she has also produced more informal articles for clients on any topic that was requested. This has made her more then capable of completing informational and useful articles on almost any subject that the client requests.

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