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Debbie is a Seattle-based Content Writer with a background in Visual/UX Design and the Biological Sciences. She is a diverse writer with over 15-years’ experience creating concise, accurate content for both digital and print media. Debbie loves to write creative content for blogs, articles, social media, and other asset types, and uses her design skills to create content for strong visual impact. Her areas of expertise include the biological sciences, healthcare, Agile project management, and interior decor.

Past projects include:

• demand gen long-form content
• informational blogs for dentists and orthodontists
• interior decor blog and related social media content
• marketing product specification
• press releases
• pharmaceutical white paper
• medical brochures
• scientific web content for bio-technical research 
• biomedical product data sheets and user documentation
• content for over 20 small business and non-profit websites
• technical documentation
• telecom newsletters


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Industry Projects

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Summary of Industry Experience


Debbie enjoys writing conversational healthcare content, as this fits in with her degree in Biology and Psychology. She is particularly interested in the mind-body interaction and developed detailed content for an alternative health website. Most recently, she wrote blog posts for dentists and orthodontists that provide patients with general information regarding procedures, surgeries, insurance, and teeth straightening.

Home Living

Debbie is a Certified Interior Decorator (C.I.D.) who received her diploma from the Interior Design Institute in 2014. She is the author and owner of Deb's Decor blog (debsdecorwa.com), which focuses on current decor trends, decorating principles and concepts, and DIY tips and techniques. Debbie has also written articles for online DIY publications, including suggestions for decorating a bed without a headboard and instructions for transforming an entertainment center into a free-standing closet. Debbie has hands-on experience redesigning the layout and decor for a children's after-school facility and re-styling a condo space to give it a rustic, eclectic feel.

In the post below, Debbie takes you on a whimsical journey through a bold, colorful bedroom space.


Debbie earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Mary Washington College with majors in Biology and Psychology. Her studies were driven by her fascination with the mind-body interaction...a relatively new field at the time. After college, she transitioned into writing and web design but always maintained an interest in science and healthcare. Her writings include blog content for dentists and orthodontists, scientific news articles, patient education brochures, a scientific press release, and a white paper on the pharmaceutical drug ENBREL.

As part of a Science News Writing course, Debbie wrote a feature story highlighting scientific research that enables the locked-in to communicate via brainwaves.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Debbie wrote a number of articles for a telecommunications newsletter for a multinational financial services company. She has since written both general and scientific news stories, including a feature story highlighting research that enables the locked-in to communicate via brainwaves.

Most recently, Debbie researched and wrote several long-form content, demand gen articles based on SEO gap analyses that provide principles, best practices, and tips on the Agile style of project management.

Facebook Post

Debbie enjoys creating content for both Facebook and Twitter. She currently writes content to publicize a non-profit's video series and to support her home decor blog. She owns and maintains Instagram and Pinterest accounts for her decor blog as well.

White Paper

Debbie researched and wrote an in-depth white paper that discusses the description, function, and benefits of a pharmaceutical used to treat both Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis. The content initially addresses managers and then progresses into more scientific detail before ending with manager-level content again. This paper also provides dosage and packaging information for pharmacists.

Blog Post

Debbie is the author and owner of Deb's Decor blog (debsdecorwa.com), which focuses on current decor trends, decorating principles and concepts, and DIY tips and techniques. Deb's Decor is also present on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. In one post, Debbie takes you on a journey through a whimsical guest room.

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