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Amy F is a freelance writer and editor with ten years experience. She holds a Master of Arts in English and has experience writing on a diverse range of topics. She also has experience in the fields of education, business, photography, fitness. She treats every project with professionalism, integrity, and enthusiasm.


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Amy F is a certified general substitute teacher and long-term language arts substitute teacher for grades 7-12. She has had to create numerous on-the-fly lesson plans, and has created original lesson plans for home school students for an online publisher that define, explain, and provide guides for parent teachers to teach their students. Documents provide instruction, learning methods, techniques, questions and discussion, resources, and activities for a complete lesson.

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Amy F is an expert article writer and feature writer for a wide range of lifestyle topics, including gift and shopping guides, parenting, fashion, beauty, women's skin care, men and children's clothing, handbags, home, and weddings. She takes a passionate interest in any article or feature writing project she takes on.

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