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Brooke has been the Director of Online Marketing for a successful real estate company for the past four years. She currently writes all of the SEO-friendly web copy, a regular blog on current news, company print ads and occasional press releases. She is skilled in search engine optimization, content marketing, copywriting, online data analysis, social media strategy and implementation, branding and online advertising. Brooke is also certified in Google Analytics and inbound marketing.

Brooke has been freelancing since 2009, when she started an award-winning travel blog. She has written about a wide array of topics, for multiple sources. She is passionate about writing, and her experience and expertise in online marketing have helped grow this part of her career.


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Real Estate

Brooke currently works for a luxury real estate company located in South Florida. She writes all web copy, press releases and advertisements. She also maintains a blog on all pertinent real estate and local news.


Brooke maintained a successful travel blog for over 5 years. Through its success, She was able to work many freelance writing assignments and travel around this country and Europe.

Product Projects

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  • Web Page6
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Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Brooke currently writes a regular blog on real estate news and local events for a successful real estate company where she is employed. Prior to this, She wrote an award-winning travel blog. Thanks to exposure from that blog, she embarked on a freelance writing career for the past 9+ years. She's had the opportunity to write on many topics, but her original area of expertise was travel. She lived in Europe for 4 years and traveled steadily around the Unites States for a significant period of time.


Brooke has been a freelance writer for over 9 years. She has written numerous articles on a wide range of topics. In her current full-time job, she writes extensively on real estate news and the overall real estate market. She is also highly experienced in writing travel-related articles.

Web Page

Brooke creates and updates all web copy for a luxury real estate company. She was vital in a recent website update, which boosted organic traffic and lowered the bounce rate through SEO-friendly web copy and superior design elements.

Facebook Post

Brooke is currently in charge of all social media for a luxury real estate company. At this moment, the company has 18,000+ Facebook "likes".

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