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With a background in journalism, linguistics and sciences including astronomy, botany and entomology, Jean writes articles, posts and eBooks on topics related to science, technology/computing and health and wellness.

Past projects include articles and eBooks on the outer regions of the solar system, neuroplasticity and its applications for dementia treatment, the health benefits of green tea, digital tools for enterprise networking, and adult ADHD.

Jean has also taught college writing for a number of years and is experienced in the tools of research and reporting on current news and information from quality sources.

A dedicated grammar cop, she promises stylistically sleek and grammatically flawless work in American (or Canadian) English.


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Industry Projects

  • Health100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jean has written over 200 articles and posts as well as several eBooks for clients in the fields of health, nutrition, fitness and alternative and natural wellness. With a background in developing academic support services for college RN training programs and behavioral health services, she specializes in making complex subjects easily accessible for readers who want information they can put to practical use.

Product Projects

  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience


Jean has written over 200 articles on health, nutrition and alternative medicine for websites, news magazines and eBooks. She has also written reviews of cookbooks, diet guides and wellness plans for publishers and media groups. Recent subject areas include the safety of colloidal silver, early diagnostic tests for Alzheimer's disease, music therapy and infant hematoma. She specializes in making complex topic accessible to readers who want information for practical use.

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