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Ella H. has worked at a hospital for over 5 years and has a unique perspective of healthcare. In that time, Ella has had experience both with direct patient care and in the medical laboratory setting. On a medical surgical nursing floor, Ella has had hands-on experience with monitoring vital signs, assisting patients with daily activities, and ensuring patient satisfaction. In a medical laboratoy, Ella has assisted pathologists by preparing and grossly examining surgical specimen, providing assistance during frozen section analysis and autopsies, as well as processing and preparing slides for cytology samples.
Ella's writing experience stems from her liberal arts education at a university which emphasizes critical thinking and writing skills.


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Ella has written scientific research papers for biology disciplines including immunology, genetics, and nutrition as well as psychology. One paper addressed the correlation between intestinal dysbiosis and autism. Over fifteen peer reviewed scientific articles were used for this paper (ten of which were primary text). During the construction of the scientific papers, Ella filtered through relevant information and synthesized material to form a conclusion and/ or to answer the hypothesis. Ella has experience with Chicago/ Turabian, MLA, and APA citation formats.

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Ella explored philosophical questions and ideas using an interdisciplinary approach. She tackled topics such as free-will, life after death, and defining the "self" using primary texts from authors including, but not limited to: Margaret Atwood, Aristotle, Charles Darwin, Carl Jung, and Henry David Thoreau. Many of her work was used to facilitate discussion and bring attention towards these lifelong questions.

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