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High Tech

Patrica B. has worked in the high-tech industry for 25 years in the areas of networking, cyber security, and healthcare IT. She has the unique perspective of working in both technical roles (technical writer, technical instructor, project manager) as well as in sales and marketing roles where she created whitepapers, technical articles, sales tools and playbooks, customer testimonials, and messaging.

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Summary of Product Experience


Patricia B. has written numerous technical articles for high-tech companies in the networking, cyber security, and healthcare IT industries. Articles are more in-depth than blogs and are designed to be published in trade rags or industry news sites.

White Paper

Patricia B has researched, written from scratch, edited, or reworked white papers for several high-tech companies in the networking, cyber security, and healthcare IT industries, designed to: display thought-leadership from the company; teach the reader something they did not know before reading the white paper; offer the reader a new perspective on their own existing knowledge of the subject; and serve as an avenue for lead generation, increasing both traffic to the company's website, as well as corporate brand awareness.

Press Release

Patricia B is experienced in writing press releases for any type of industry. She is skilled at story telling so that the press release grabs attention and subsequently becomes "picked up" (circulated) throughout wider circles of print and social media.

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