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Ron has more than thirty years of experience in all types of writing, including news, advertising, marketing and public relations.
In addition to working in fast-paced, deadline-driven radio and television newsroom environments, he worked as a writer and producer for an ad agency, which served a variety of business-to-business and business-to-consumer clients. Later, he served as the vice president of marketing for a tech startup in the architectural and construction industry. He was also a founding member of another successful tech startup that developed and marketed software for education and training professionals. As a result, his writing background has covered an extensive array of industries and topics.

Because of his training and experience, Ron writes quickly, succinctly and on point. He is also an accomplished humor writer. During an 18-month span, his personal blog received more than 1.5 million views. His writing has been shared on Facebook more than 10,000 times.


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Ron writes for both his personal blog and for his company blog on a regular basis. He has all been invited to guest blog on other sites.

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Summary of Industry Experience


Ron has written hundreds, if not thousands, of business-related articles dating back to the early 80s, first has a reporter, later on behalf of business clients of an advertising agency, and later still for his own software company. Content has ranged from trade magazine pieces for a manufacturer of commercial door hardware to blogging about trends in office furniture.


Ron writes about "folks in flyover country" on his personal blog. In 2014, he wrote a satirical piece about his wife, a teacher, and what she really did with her time. In a little over a week, the piece garnered more than one million views, and continues to be a popular read among teachers and supporters of teachers across the world.


Ron regularly writes blog articles, white papers and other content of interest to education and training professionals. This content is designed to give readers objective suggestions and feedback on how to make their training programs and classes more successful by improving promotion and increasing attendance. Specific industries include elementary, secondary and post-secondary education, corporate training and business development.

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Summary of Product Experience


Ron has many years of experience writing articles on a variety of business topics ranging from how to get more sales, how construction product manufacturers can comply with the Americans with Disabilities, and how changes in technology have effected everyday business communication. As a reporter, he covered a breadth of business-related issues, including the impact of a new Toyota plant on the surrounding community. He also covered state government and university-level education issues on a regular basis.

Blog Post

Ron writes for both his personal blog and for his company blog on a regular basis. He has all been invited to guest blog on other sites.

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Ron has written web copy since the early days of the Internet, for a range of business- to-business sites.

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