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Carrie earned an honors scholarship when she graduated high school, but after a year of college, she decided it wasn't for her. She worked in the manufacturing industry for many years, and eventually went into food service. She learned how to work as part of a team and gained valuable customer service experience. This makes her a pleasure to work with.

She is passionate about family and natural health, and this comes through in her writing. She loves writing about parenting, relationships, and natural remedies. She also has a love for pets, spirituality, and the paranormal.

While these are her favorite topics to write about, her strong research skills allow her to write about a wide range of topics. She has a knack for writing engaging content using the perfect tone of voice for the subject matter.
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Carrie specializes in writing advice about the things that she is passionate about including parenting, pets, relationships, and herbal remedies. She also enjoys writing about spirituality, the paranormal, and inspirational stories.


Carrie loves outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. She enjoys reading everything from Stephen King to books on parenting. Her love to create and nurture manifests itself in many activities including cross stitch, pets and farm animals, gardening, fermenting vegetables, and cooking for her family. She is continually learning. Her favorite subjects to learn about are alternative medicine, history, animals, child development, and the paranormal.


DeKalb County High School

Carrie graduated with honors in the top ten percent of her class.


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Carrie has done a lot of research on alternative medicine and herbal remedies. She uses this information to keep her and her family healthy, and loves sharing natural remedies with others.


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Carrie loves animals and has owned many pets. While most of her pets have been dogs and cats, she has also raised goats and chickens. She has a special love for animals that have been mistreated. This has led her to take in many animals and nurse them back to health. She has written articles ranging from how to keep pets safe to speaking out against the mistreatment of animals.


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Carrie's relationship experiences make her uniquely qualified to give advice on the subject. She survived an abusive marriage. Years after her divorce, she found and married the love of her life. She is also the one her friends come to for advice about their relationships, including questions they don't feel comfortable asking anyone else. She draws on this range of experience to give real world advice about what works and doesn't work in relationships.


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Carrie enjoys writing humorous pieces about strange news stories. She has written many of these, and she uses tongue in cheek humor to make the articles interesting and shareable. She also brings a new perspective to the stories.


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Carrie has two children of her own, and they have taught her as much as she has taught them. She also helps to raise her nephews who have autism and Adhd. She has done a lot of research about children and child development in an effort to be the best parent she can be, and she enjoys passing her knowledge on to others. She frequently writes about her parenting thoughts and struggles in her blog.


828 Projects Completed

Carrie has written many articles on a wide array of topics.

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Carrie has written many blog posts on her blog as well as writing posts for others' blogs. She really enjoys writing about different topics, and has learned much through her research.

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