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He is a top-of-the-line Bilingual Creative copywriter (Spanish and English) who has worked in advertising agencies in several countries for over 25 years developing the ability to know how to sell anything and especially how to tell stories in just 30 seconds. He is very good developing concepts, ideas and communication strategies for both advertising and public relations. He worked 7 and a half years as a creative for Procter & Gamble and other international accounts, becoming regional director for Latin America of several of its brands. Also performs translation work from English to Spanish for companies and agencies. He has lived in Venezuela, Colombia and Puerto Rico, in addition has worked with Mexico, Chile, Guatemala and Brazil.

He works as trans-creator, translating texts from English to Spanish.

Also their curiosity and love of literature and history led him to become an avid researcher and writer. He has written articles and reviews on various topics, especially on aviation and shipping. He began working as a researcher and collaborator of the Museum of Transport in Caracas in 2009, writing articles on the blog of the Museum. He has also published two books as co-author, both are available on Amazon.com (one port starboard Chronicles of Navigation in Venezuela). Currently he is working on a book about the life of Christopher Columbus, stories and a couple of scripts for short films.


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Summary of Industry Experience


He worked as a translator for different companies, checking and translating from English to Spanish Public Relations campaigns. One of the for a Federal government Agency to help latino people to understand better their rights about mortgages, Finance, Credit Cards,etc


An insurance company which urgently needs a new brand image, because it was often confused with other insurance companies. He proposed to create you an icon, a knight, a character associated with safety and security, which was not only well received by the market but managed to reinforce the image of the company as honorable, trustworthy and traditional.


He worked as a Creative Director in Public Relations on Government projects in Puerto Rico. - Elaborated 360° campaigns for Federal agencies; introduction of the new Health Card replacing Blue Shield/Blue Cross.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


He worked on the launch of the Febreze brand in Mexico for Procter & Gamble, developing a very interesting concept idea for this Air freshener and odor remover . The product was performed as a ghost buster who caught and eliminated odors from your home and offices.

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