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Colleen D. writes with a clear, concise, professional style, and prides herself on meticulous research, accuracy and attention to detail. She produces error-free, polished copy in a diverse range of styles for a variety of industries. With an almost non-existent revision rate, and a zero percent rejection rate, Colleen D. delivers spot-on content every time.

During her twenty-five years writing professionally, she has written thousands of articles for newspapers, magazines and web sites, as well as web content of all kinds. She creates high-quality copy for physicians, veterinarians, law firms, contractors, educators, retailers, non-profit organizations, and major corporations.

Colleen’s work has been published on hundreds of online sites, including GardenGuides, TeaBrews, Amazon, Houzz, Splash Magazine, American Apparel, Young Upstarts, Healthy Solutions, The Museo Art Academy, Kennett National Bank, and Power and Mobility, among others.

Colleen’s goal with every writing project is to provide a product that exceeds client expectations.

Satisfied client comments include:

~ Legal: “I was very pleased with the post. It’s pretty much ready to publish - so I'm really happy with the content and the care in editing/formatting.”

~ Real Estate: “Well done, great research skills!”

~ Home Tech: “Thanks for your flexibility and creativity, Colleen!”

~ Concrete Flooring: “AWESOME job as usual.”

~ Entertainment/British TV: “Awesome, thanks!”

~ Home Improvement: “Hey Colleen, thank you for another nice blog. I plan to keep hiring you (if you’ll have me!) for this client.”

~ Medical: “Excellent, excellent job, thank you.”

~ Business: “You did great! Thank you Colleen. Do you also write web pages?”

~ Real Estate: “Thank you Colleen, I like your style - that is just what I needed.”

~ Medical: “This is great! Thanks so much, Colleen!”

~ Concrete Flooring: “YOU DID GREAT!!! I will use your skills more for this client :)”

~ Style: “Great job, Colleen - this is just what I was looking for. Thanks again for your help on this!”

~ LGBTQ Issues: “Colleen did an amazing job with this article! I'm thrilled with the final product.”

~ Health/WriterAccess blog: “Thanks for this great post!”

Over the years, Colleen has covered a wide range of topics, including health and nutrition, motivational education, career building, home improvement, personal finance, HVAC, gardening, healthy gourmet cooking, and veterinary care. She specializes in anything requiring research and authoritative sourcing. Her favorite topics to write about include (but are not limited to):

+ Finance
+ Insurance
+ Business
+ Marketing
+ Real Estate
+ Interior Design
+ Home Improvement
+ Medical
+ Health
+ Gardening
+ Animals
+ Motivational Speaking
+ Human Resources
+ Legal
+ Green Energy
+ Environmental Issues
+ Entertainment

She holds a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, is a certified Master Gardener and is a member of the American Herbalists Guild.


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Colleen D's Article Product Experience

294 Projects Completed

From environmental issues to health, real estate animal welfare or crime, if it's been in the news or is a trending topic, Colleen has written about it.

Industry Projects

  • Home Living100+
  • Other100+
  • Garden100+
  • Business100+
  • Appliance100+
  • Health100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Legal100+
  • Medical100+
  • Insurance100+
  • Beauty100+

Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

From plumbing, to HVAC, landscaping, interior design or remodeling, if it involves home comfort, Colleen has written about it. An avid DIYer, Colleen D writes about diverse topics such as how-to tips on interior decorating, luxury decor, the use of color and texture in interior design and landscaping, and the art of creating a welcoming home atmosphere.

Colleen D. has a vast knowledge of art and antiques, and deep love of healthy food and cooking. She loves entertaining, and is a fan of both large parties and intimate dinners. The writes about include:

-Natural Stone Flooring
-Hardwood Flooring
-Indoor Air Quality and Pollution - causes and remedies
-Remodeling projects
-Increasing Real Estate value through home improvement
-Outdoor Living areas - Expanding your home by using your yard
-The use of design, color, and textiles to improve indoor living spaces
-Hobby rooms and craft spaces


Colleen's background in banking, business, pharmacy, health, the Arts, and publishing, as well as her education and life experience, make her a well rounded writer capable of writing about nearly any topic. Colleen has written thousands of articles, blogs and other online content, and has covered subjects as diverse as cosmetic surgery, HVAC, environmental issues, ethnic food, relationships, and current events for physicians, veterinarians, law firms, contractors, educators, retailers, non-profit organizations, and major corporations.

Colleen’s work has been published on hundreds of online sites, including GardenGuides, TeaBrews, Amazon, Houzz, Splash Magazine, American Apparel, Young Upstarts, Healthy Solutions, The Museo Art Academy, Kennett National Bank, and Power and Mobility, among others. If you are looking for a talented writer who provides clean, original, error-free copy on any topic imaginable, and can deliver readable and enjoyable content, then Colleen is the writer for you.


Colleen D. has written gardening articles for a variety of clients, including GardenGuides, SFGate, and has written hundreds just in the "how-to" genre. She writes knowlegeably about annuals, perennials, evergreens, shrubs and trees, sun exposure and cold hardiness zones, composting and ecofriendly practices, soil health, drought tolerance, garden design and planning, and wildlife gardening.

Topics have included landscaping design, sprinkler installation, outdoor living spaces, plant care, tree care, pruning and trimming, household plants, organic pest management, growing ornamentals, growing vegetables, composting, soil amendments, fertilizers, and other interests such as:

Garden Design
Vertical Gardening
Gardening with Kids
Local Agriculture
Sustainable Farming and Agriculture
How to garden with children or physically challenged adults.
Organic Gardening
Pest management
Plant Selection
Farmers Markets
Organic Farming


Whether it's management support, employee relations, growing your business, using social media and technology to gain industry visibility, or increasing your blog viewership, Colleen can produce copy that will enhance your business' bottom line.


Colleen D. has written extensively about anything and everything related to appliances. Topics have included selecting energy efficient models, understanding efficiency ratings, and comparing Energy Star models, as well as understanding the care and maintenance requirements of specific appliances. Additionally, she writes about interior design and remodeling with upgraded appliances in mind.


Colleen uses her experience having managed a pharmacy and a health food and supplement store, and her knowledge about nutrition and the health industry to write extensively about a variety of health and nutrition topics such as diet, exercise, nutrition, diseases, conditions, herbs, vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and insurance considerations.

She writes authoritative content for physicians, massage therapists, osteopaths, podiatrists, cosmetic surgeons, pediatricians and elder care facilities.

Real Estate

Colleen D. has written hundreds of articles, blog posts and web pages for the real estate industry. Her specialties include light remodeling, project planning, home staging, mortgage basics, lending procedures, marketing, neighborhood guides, selling or buying a home, how to sell faster, and how to select a real estate agent. Other topics have included packing and moving, inexpensive upgrades, improving home values, and creating compelling, informative, SEO-potimized MLS real estate descriptions designed to attract potential buyers.


Colleen D. has crafted blog posts and home pages for numerous legal websites. She specializes in writing SEO-rich attorney and law firm blogs and articles. She writes articles for their client's perspective rather than detailed legal content that the average person can't understand. She is adept at translating legal speak into conversational content that is easily understood and written to the target audience. She excels in helping lawyers fill their sites with relevant, readable content.

Topics covered include:

-Personal Injury
-Criminal Law
-Estate Planning
-Family Law
-Juvenile Law

She has also written extensively about legal topics such as:

-Custody, parent rights, grandparent rights, and human rights.
-Criminal Law.
-Personal Injury – slip and falls, vehicle accidents, wrongful death, violent crimes, victims rights.
-Financial Legal Content – bankruptcy, debt collection, debt relief, labor law, and franchise tax law.


Colleen D. has researched and written numerous articles about traditional and alternative medical care, including:

Eye Care
Massage Therapy
Mental Health Care
Sports Medicine
Addiction and Recovery
Chiropractic Care
Dental Care

She is knowledgeable about traditional treatments for neck and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, peripheral neuropathy, and sports injuries.

She writes articles and blog posts for clinics, physicians and medical treatment facilities, and is familiar with many common diseases and ailments, from glaucoma to diabetes to cancer interventions.


Colleen D. is very familiar with most types of insurance policies, including:

Motorcycle Insurance
Auto Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Umbrella Insurance
RV Insurance
Business Insurance
Life Insurance
Renters Insurance
Liability Insurance

She writes informative, understandable and SEO friendly insurance-related blog posts, articles and web pages for insurance companies and agents from across the U.S. She has written about such diverse topics as slip and fall, pedestrian liability, teen drivers, elderly drivers, flood insurance and term limitations.


Colleen D. holds a professional cosmetology license and has been involved with the beauty industry for over 25 years. She has worked in salons as a stylist, model, and freelance makeup artist for photographers. She has been employed by high-end specialty shops such as I. Magnum and Macy's, in the cosmetics, clothing and merchandising display departments. She regularly writes about trending fashion and style for a variety of clients from designers to organic cosmetic companies.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Product Description100+
  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Colleen has ghostwritten hundreds of blogs for a wide variety of industries and business, including HVAC, real estate, finance, and product manufacturing companies.

Product Description

Colleen D. has provided detailed, inspiring product descriptions for a variety of online sites, including companies such as American Apparel, Amazon, and BedBathBeyond. From home furnishings to electronics, pet care items to personal care, there probably isn't a product she hasn't described. For example, a recent website project involved providing individual descriptions of fire pits, fire tables, and outdoor furniture for the company's entire inventory. Other products have involved providing home furnishing, dietary supplements, and apparel descriptions.


From environmental issues to health, real estate animal welfare or crime, if it's been in the news or is a trending topic, Colleen has written about it.

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