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Linda has been writing since 1990. She has authored e-books, short stories, research papers, narratives, business communications, humor and plenty of website content.

From 2005 through 2015, she managed the office of a busy roofing contractor. While there, Linda developed the websites four times as the hosting providers changed and a mobile-friendly site came online. Also, she composed or edited the marketing materials and nearly all business communications with customers, partner businesses, the BBB, review sites and government agencies.

For several years in the early 1990s, Linda had the pleasure of reviewing hundreds of manuscripts for a Denver literary agency and proving detailed critiques for the agents and the authors.

At about the same time as she read and reviewed for the literary agency, Linda also wrote and produced the newsletter for a political organization. This work involved not only researching and writing the articles, but also the layout and design of the publication.

From 1995 through 1998, Linda operated a typing and design service where she created professional resumes, designed and ghost-wrote a gardening newsletter and edited research papers for university students for whom English was a second language.

After joining WriterAccess, Linda has fulfilled hundreds of assignments ranging from blog posts, web page content, e-books, listicles, research articles, fiction, product descriptions, comparisons and guides plus a whole lot more for a large variety of industries.

A versatile writer, Linda can quickly learn about new project types and just about any industry but favors natural/alternative health, roofing and construction and anything to do with scooters and the fun of scootering.

Today, Linda's expertise and experience focuses on CBD, hemp and legal cannabis. With dozens of projects complete for non-WA clients, this is the industry Linda loves best.
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Linda specializes in natural/alternative health, supplements, CBD and legal cannabis, scooters (motorized bike-types), biographical, research writing, creative writing, ghost writing, e-books, emails, landing pages, product reviews and descriptions, roofing and construction industry writing, resumes and bios, humor, fiction and more.


Linda's interests include industrial hemp, CBD and cannabinoids first, then (in no particular order) current events, politics, business, industry, science, religion in general and Catholic religion in particular, alternative health lifestyles, prepping, roofing and home remodeling, scooters, cats, popular science, psychology (particularly as it relates to childhood abuse) and literature.


Community College of Aurora

After graduating high school in 1978 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Linda returned to school in 1992 and obtained her Associates of the Arts degree in Aurora, Colorado.


3,138 Projects Completed

Linda managed the office for a roofing contractor for 10 years. She was deeply involved in all of the roofing contracts, both commercial and residential. The company completed approximately 300 contracts per year. As the primary administrator and, briefly General Manager, Linda was able to learn about the entire roofing process as well as types of materials used, innovations in industrial standards, the major codes for the region along with all of the general administration of work flow, sub-contractors and company policies. She also designed and re-designed the company website, writing and editing the content, responding to customer inquiries and keeping content as fresh as possible considering the website did not have a blog. She also designed, co-wrote and edited marketing materials.


120 Projects Completed

Linda worked for a time with a literary agency in Denver, Colorado, in the early 90s. Her job was to read the new manuscript submissions and provide detailed reviews and opinions on the suitability of any given text. These reviews were included in the agent's responses to the authors.

CBD Products

1 Projects Completed

While Linda has completed dozens of CBD-related projects, only one of them have been for WriterAccess clients. It was for a hemp seed-based beverage. However, CBD and legal cannabis are Linda's specialty topics.


0 Projects Completed

Linda's experience in CBD/Cannabis has burgeoned from non-WA clients. With dozens of CBD projects, this is Linda's singular specialty.

Blog Post

1,337 Projects Completed

Since starting with WriterAccess in 2016, the vast majority of Linda's assignments have been for blog post articles. She earned spots on many Love Lists and kudos for exceeding expectations for a variety of business categories including:
Health and alternative health
Home Services
Interior Decorating
and way more.

Web Page

49 Projects Completed

Linda created the website for a roofing company in Colorado Springs 4 times (as host providers changed and a mobile host added). She also created the website for a business development company and for a professional parliamentarian company. She also created a personal WordPress blog and has served up web content for several construction companies.


29 Projects Completed

Linda has several e-book ghost-writing projects to her credit, with topics including control of high blood sugar through diet and exercise, journaling and young entrepreneurship. Also, she has been a ghost contributor for a novel in progress and won an endorsement from the author.

Linda contributed to an autobiography of a disabled fashion model until the client encountered too many difficulties to continue the project.


9 Projects Completed

Linda has completed several e-book projects based on the clients' rough outlines. Some of those books were geared towards children and some towards nutrition/health topics. Linda enjoys writing from client outlines, but is also capable of completing research, if needed, to craft the book.

Newsletter Content

8 Projects Completed

Linda's newsletter experience began when she was invited to produce one for a political action club. Not only did she write the articles, she also gathered the graphics and designed the letterhead and layout. Later, she was hired to write articles for and design the layout of a local high-altitude gardening newsletter.

Email Copy

7 Projects Completed

Linda was hired to write short marketing emails for a chiropractor offering CBD products to other chiropractors until the doctor changed marketing tactics.


5 Projects Completed

Before she joined WriterAccess, Linda operated a resume writing service. She created or re-worked hundreds of resumes. Also, Linda provided profiles or business summaries for executives as well as compiled bios with investment offers and website "About" pages.

Landing Page

5 Projects Completed

Linda won Solo assignments for landing pages from a company that makes LED-lighted furniture and fixtures. For non-WA clients, she also wrote landing pages for a Canadian roofing company, as well as rehabilitated the landing page for a CBD seller with the goal of removing any statements objectionable to the FDA.

Facebook Post

3 Projects Completed

Linda gained some on-the-job training with a client needing 3 Facebook advertisement posts.

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