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Richard began to develop his blog in 2012. With that, his unique capacity for written material has developed as well. Upon acquiring an influx of traffic and articles that were receiving tens of thousands of hits, he began to realize that people appreciate his insight, writing, and what he has to contribute. So he sought to exploit his written abilities in ways that would be valuable to other people.

This led Richard to explore the opportunities available in freelance writing. In the summer of 2015, he was recruited by a company based on San Diego called Lions Creative Group LLC. Richard rewrote a health information book for this company. Shortly after taking advantage of that opportunity, Richard began to seek out popular websites that connect bloggers to writers. Since that time, he has spent his daily life receiving new writing prompts and generating quality content for bloggers.
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Spirituality, entertainment, literature, book reviews, relationships, travel, reviews, shopping, and advertising.


Reading, outdoor activities, reading outdoors, and serving the community.


400 Projects Completed

As this is a topic that is of particular interest to Richard, he has explored it with quite some depth. The blog that he began in 2012 was pertaining to spirituality. He has explored questions related to philosophy of religion, atheism, comparative religion, and philosophical theology.

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400 Projects Completed

Since Richard is a professional blogger, he has aptly applied his blogging skills to a wide range of diverse topics for a number of bloggers and for his own personal website.

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