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With a Master of Arts in English from Boston College and a strong background in business, high tech, finance and insurance, human resources, manufacturing, health, marketing and affiliate marketing, K provides professional research and writing services to private and corporate clients, including a number of Fortune 500 companies. The types of services he provides include:
- ebooks
- white papers
- articles
- sales copy
- ad copy
- blogs
- Facebook posts
- Twitter posts
- LinkedIn posts
- web copy
- press releases
- guides
- video scripts
- social media campaigns
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K has extensive experience in a wide variety of long and short form composition styles, including web copy, sales copy, ad copy, ebooks, white papers, articles, blogs, press releases, guides, video scripts and social media campaigns with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Twitter posts.


K's interests include business, technology, relocation, finance and insurance, manufacturing, human resources, recruitment, health, marketing, productivity and more.


Boston College

While studying for his Masters degree, K also served as a teaching fellow and graduate assistant.

Northeastern University

K served as President of the Academy (College of A&S Honor Society) and graduated summa cum laude.


1,347 Projects Completed

K regularly researches and writes long and short form B2B and B2C for a leading staffing company across several industries worldwide, including the high-tech, life sciences and financial sectors.


580 Projects Completed

K has written extensively for some of the nation's largest and most specialized insurance companies, as well as a number of insurance comparison websites. The pieces are well researched and contain sound information presented in easy-to-understand language. In addition, many contain a call to action that can be repeated in social media to draw in more customers.

High Tech

442 Projects Completed

K regularly researches and writes long and short form B2C and B2B content for the high tech industry with an eye on IP protection, talent acquisition and global workforce trends in the industry.


144 Projects Completed

K regularly researches and writes long and short form B2C and B2B content for the technology industry. His experience spans everything from leading manufacturers' holiday campaigns to labor reports for global staffing concerns.


86 Projects Completed

K regularly researches and writes both long and short form content for B2B business publications including, but not limited to, high-tech, global labor trends and financial sectors.


80 Projects Completed

K wrote website content, as well as social media campaigns, for one of the world's largest chip manufacturers.


50 Projects Completed

After having moved more times than he can remember and remodeling his home with his own hands, K has used his knowledge to write extensively on moving, DIY, home security and home remodeling for one of the nation's largest relocation websites. As many people find first-hand experience most informative, K makes sure to incorporate as many of his own stories as possible into these articles.

Human Resources

50 Projects Completed

K regularly researches and writes long and short form B2B and B2C content about human resources topics.


50 Projects Completed

For approximately one year, K wrote weekly SEO website content for a network of bankruptcy and debt settlement attorneys. The entire project consisted of over 50 different sites that required accurate information about the different bankruptcy chapters, debt settlement options and other matters such as foreclosure and short sale. Please note when viewing this sample that the client's SEO requirements led to a higher-than-normal keyword density.


36 Projects Completed

As a life-long dog owner himself, K was happy when he was given the opportunity to write all of the copy for a pet store website. The requirements were accurate product descriptions with humorous, catchy copy. In addition, K has written website copy, as well as blogs, for veterinarians throughout the US.


27 Projects Completed

K regularly researches and writes long and short form B2B content for the life sciences industry with a focus on IP protection, talent acquisition and strategic planning.


23 Projects Completed

K regularly writes blogs, ebooks, case studies and thought leadership on the topic of finance and insurance.


21 Projects Completed

One of K's assignments was to research and write a number of unique articles about vintage clothing and the use of latex in fashion. The client specifically wanted to demonstrate how celebrities like to use bold or unusual fabrics and designs in order to make fashion statements--and how this, in turn, quickly becomes mainstream fashion.

In addition, K has written website copy for a number of other fashion accessories.


19 Projects Completed

K wrote much of the content for a leading wedding travel website. This required research into many different locations across the globe in order to provide engaged couples with accurate information. An avid traveler who's set foot on nearly every continent of the world, K found his own traveling experience to be invaluable when considering what engaged couples need to know in order to have the wedding and/or honeymoon of their dreams.


16 Projects Completed

After completing work for a number of websites about travel, fashion and weddings, K was asked to contribute weekly news articles that focused on entertainment venues, new attractions and celebrities. One of the most important aspects of this assignment was to find stories about exciting destinations and the celebrities that make them popular in mainstream culture.


4 Projects Completed

K worked on three large projects that consisted of creating content for one of the nation's leading car comparison sites. It aims to inform consumers objectively about new and used cars. He wrote in-depth overviews of over thirty different cars' development histories, including their production years and trim levels, as well as pricing.

Blog Post

1,499 Projects Completed

With online audiences here to stay, blogs have become more and more important for institutions, companies and entrepreneurs alike, which is why K regularly ghostwrites blogs for a variety of clients. Depending on each client's style and product, he carefully crafts the voice and content of each blog to create a timely and eye-catching post to increase web traffic and bring readers back time and time again.


1,337 Projects Completed

Over the years, K has researched and written articles on a wide variety of subjects, from education and DIY to art and travel. As K knows from experience, the main aspects to consider when writing an article are the client's message, the target audience and the medium through which the article will be published.

Direct Mail

354 Projects Completed

When K is asked to write copy for direct mail, he jumps at the opportunity. The written call to action is a challenge K answers every time by pinpointing those aspects that will make the widest group of readers excited and absolutely motivated to respond immediately. So don't wait — hire K today!

White Paper

102 Projects Completed

K has written white papers for a variety of industries, including finance, corporate relocation and education.


87 Projects Completed

K has researched and written over thirty non-fiction e-guides. All are informational and instructional texts that had to be tailored to the clients' unique demands, as well as specific publication formats.

Press Release

57 Projects Completed

K knows his clients don't get a second chance at a first-time announcement. That's why his press releases lucidly summarize the topic at hand while inviting the public to visit a client's website or place of business to share in the excitement and find out more about the latest development.


1 Projects Completed

An avid fan of arts, entertainment and culture, one of K's favorite projects was writing a catalog for a new Singaporean art gallery. After researching the history behind the artwork, the artists and the gallery, K's catalog helped kick off the opening with just the right mélange of information and flair!

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