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Though Nicole has been working as a freelance writer since 2008, her passion for writing and love of language began in childhood. Since elementary school, Nicole has been an avid reader and writer, culminating in her Bachelor's degree in English from a small, private liberal arts college. Throughout her adulthood, Nicole has been dedicated to continually honing her writing skills through educational and development opportunities, independent study, and working tirelessly to provide the highest quality content to clients. Through her love of language, Nicole is able to help clients put words to their ideas, ensuring that their voices are heard through her skills and experiences. Nicole's experiences range from holistic health and wellness to academic writing to thought leadership in the heavy-duty trucking industry. Her wide variety of experiences have given her knowledge from which she can draw to ensure that the content she creates not only exceeds client expectations, but continually reflects her dedication to her career.


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Nicole has written hundreds of white papers, research proposals, blog posts, articles, and other print and digital content in the area of health. Her two primary specialties in the health industry are holistic health/wellness and nursing.

Product Projects

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Nicole's area of most experience is in academic-style writing for individuals and organizations. These research-based pieces provide insight into phenomenon, seek to persuade readers, and spark discussion on important topics.

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