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From a very young age, Lisa's parents knew she was destined to write. At age three, she wrote her first book, "Ice is Good for You." Her parents still keep it in the attic, complete with illustrations drawn in hot pink marker. In early elementary school, Lisa was pulled from kindergarten to work on special reading and writing projects while the other students in the classroom worked on basic language arts skills. Lisa was identified as a gifted student, and writing was by far her most significant area of "giftedness." As a high school student and young adult, her parents and their friends often came to Lisa for help with editing, proofreading, and writing resumes. When choosing a college major, Lisa agonized over whether to major in English and pursue a writing career, or whether to pursue her passion for music. Before securing her first teaching job, she worked as a leasing agent in a large rental community. She suggested a monthly newsletter to the property management company, and single-handedly wrote, published, and distributed each issue to hundreds of residents. One resident, a retired editor, actually called the leasing office to share how impressed she was with the quality of the newsletter and to ask which professional publisher was responsible for the product. Although Lisa did ultimately choose music education as a career, she continues to use her writing ability to secure annual grants for the school in which she teaches. In addition, her writing experience broadened to include academic and research writing as she pursued and completed her Master's Degree in Music Education, first at Penn State University and then at Lebanon Valley College. Writing has always come easily to Lisa, and she is able to adjust the tone and intellectual level of her writing to fit within specified guidelines. She can write highly technical, academic pieces as well as offbeat, catchy, humorous ones. She is a quick writer, and will nearly always submit impeccable work well before her deadline.
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Lebanon Valley College

Lisa completed her Master's degree at LVC after starting at Penn State University. In total, she took five research writing courses.

Millersville University of Pennsylvania

As a music education major, Lisa was responsible for a great deal of writing. Writing experience during her undergraduate years included lesson plans, concert reviews, program notes, research papers, critiques, portfolios, and resumes.


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In her 18 years teaching music, Lisa has used writing daily in any number of ways. From daily e-mails to colleagues, parents, and administrators, to lesson plans and curriculum, a profession in education includes a great deal of writing. As music department chairperson for her school district, Lisa serves as a liaison between her department members and the district administration, and is required to communicate professionally both verbally and in written form. In addition, she writes monthly meeting agendas and minutes to be submitted to the superintendent and other administrators. Lisa recently completed her Master's Degree in Music Education, which required a great deal of academic research writing. The writing sample below is an excerpt from her thesis proposal, chosen to demonstrate her ability to write in a highly academic style. Later examples will demonstrate different writing skill sets.

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In her first post-college position as a leasing agent, Lisa proposed, wrote, published, and distributed a monthly newsletter to hundreds of residents in a large townhouse community. As a music teacher, she communicates with parents of her instrumental students through a bimonthly instrumental newsletter. Articles include a variety of topics including practice, rehearsal schedules, reminders about materials needed, and general program information. The newsletter is designed to be read by parents of students in grades 4-6 and their children. The format is colorful and engaging. The sample below illustrates the content of several short newsletter articles.


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As a music educator, Lisa possesses a passion for both the visual and the performing arts. In 2006, she approached her principal with the idea of hosting an artist-in-residence. She was given permission to pursue the project with the understanding that she would be responsible for locating available grants, composing the grant proposal, contacting potential artists, securing the funds, and completing and submitting all grant-related paperwork. She was certainly up for the challenge, and quickly located a grant funded by the Pennsylvania Council for the Arts and Millersville University. The residency went so smoothly that the artist residency became an annual event, highly anticipated by students and teachers alike. Each year, a different art form was represented, and the students spent a month learning from artists in the fields of musical composition and instrument building, theater, African dance and drumming, composition, writing and book making, weaving with wheat, and tile mosaic. In 2015, Lisa was contacted by a representative from the Lancaster Conservancy about a large grant available to schools that wished to participate in the beautification of a local hiking trail. With administrative permission, Lisa completed the complex proposal and was awarded $10,000 for the school of 935 students to host a resident mosaic artist for several months, and to create and install a tile mosaic on the retaining wall in a nearby park on the riverfront trail. Because the $10,000 did not cover all expenses for the project, Lisa secured a second grant through the Donegal Foundation to offset the remainder of the cost. Below, you will find an excerpt from the narrative portion of an artist-in-residence grant proposal, chosen to demonstrate Lisa's ability to write within very specific guidelines provided by a company or organization.

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In 2013, Lisa was asked to write a testimonial by a friend and fitness instructor. Lisa had been attending her class for some time, and had experienced quite a transformation. She happily obliged, and the testimonial was shared by the instructor on social media. Shortly thereafter, Lisa was contacted by a blogger who had read the testimonial online and wished to feature her piece as a guest blog on her site, at that time known as The name has since changed to

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